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We achieve business success by crafting win-win strategies, deep industry knowledge of customer demand, and precision in the world of sales and lead generation in the B2B industry.

99% list accuracy with 50%+ open rate & 4%+ response rate

Up to x5 lead to deal conversion compared to inbound

Average monthly appointment rate of 10 per project


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What SalesNash can do for you

It’s high time to skyrocket your sales success with our top professionals in business-to-business services. We help get warm leads and boost your outcomes.

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We assign a dedicated research team to find all the prospects, get their contact information and any additional information that might be required, and get that to our client in the form of a list.

We handle discovering your ideal clients, initiating contact to begin discussions, pinpointing those displaying interest, and arranging meetings on behalf of your team.

In the world of B2B sales lead generation, achieving consistent growth is an art. We craft a sales development strategy for our clients, execute it, and power it up with the right people.

We offer dedicated marketing teams to growing companies worldwide. Our approach involves testing at least 3 different strategies to identify the best one that maximizes results for you.

Our team can reach out to candidates for the vacancies you are working on, prequalify them and give all the data to your recruiters. No research routine for your recruiters.

Our virtual assistant can take care of all of your back office tasks – following up with clients and vendors, invoicing, calendar management etc. A dedicated person to handle the routine for you.

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B2B Lead Generation Services

SalesNash is a B2B lead generation agency, that specializes in creating custom strategies for each of our clients based on their needs and goals.

Throughout the company's lifetime we've generated over 1m leads for hundreds of clients, and booked appointments with businesses of any scope.

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SalesNash success stories

With SalesNash, your leads aren’t just numbers; they’re real opportunities.

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Constant Content

new prospects

Our team took tension of outbound routine off ConCon’s shoulders.

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Nectar Desk Software

1 %
Open Rates

SalesNash helps Nectar Desk build a sales team from scratch.

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1 +
Unique Accounts

We help InitLive streamline research operations with a complex ICP.

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SalesNash: Where 100+ success stories begin. Ready to write yours?

Elevate your lead generation strategy and join industry leaders who’ve unlocked unparalleled growth.

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How we work for our customers



We always evaluate the project prior to starting to both make sure we can deliver and provide our clients with a project plan before they start working with us.



To deliver results as fast as possible, we minimize the learning curve and do all the preparation within the first couple of days of the project.



Whether we are working on an appointment setting campaign or qualifying candidates - our team keeps up the pace and provides all the data in real time.


Ongoing adjustment

To make sure our clients reach their goals, we constantly adjust our processes to get better results.

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What our clients say

The client is the king, which is especially true when working with SalesNash.

I’m impressed with SalesNash service and their focus on my KPI; the team truly understands what’s important to me. On top of that, their communication is great. When we receive inquiries from potential clients, the speed of communication between our teams becomes my top priority.
SalesNash met my expectations and was quite transparent. The company openly reported issues and worked on fixing them. The team was responsive to my messages and to potential customers' emails. Moreover, SalesNash was always on time for meetings and shared updates with me.
SalesNash has been booking 1–2 appointments per week for the company, and most of the leads they generate are new prospects. The team has proven responsive and organized in doing their job. They participate in weekly meetings; their members regularly update the client on their progress.
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50+ experts in B2B lead generation service

SalesNash is a B2B lead generation company that has experience working with a whole bunch of industries. With an original focus on software and SaaS space, now we serve dozens of clients in health tech, healthcare, event management, staffing and talent, digital marketing, and other industries.


Software development

Other industries

"I extend my heartfelt thanks for your trust in SalesNash. Your reviews inspire us to continually excel in B2B lead generation. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to achieving even greater success together."
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What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B Lead Generation is the systematic and targeted process of identifying, engaging, and nurturing potential business clients or customers through various marketing and sales strategies with the goal of converting them into paying clients.

Benefits of B2B Lead Generation:

  • Increased Sales Opportunities: Lead generation provides a steady stream of potential customers, increasing the chances of closing more deals and boosting revenue.
  • Better Targeting: It allows businesses to focus on specific industries, niches, or decision-makers, ensuring that resources are used efficiently.
  • Improved ROI: Lead generation often results in a higher return on investment (ROI) compared to broader marketing tactics due to the target approach.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: By targeting only those likely to convert, B2B lead generation reduces wasted marketing resources and ad spend.
  • Data-driven Decisions: It provides extremely valuable insights about the target audience, helping businesses make informed marketing and sales decisions.
  • Nurturing Relationships: It enables businesses to build and nurture relationships with prospects over time, increasing trust and the likelihood of conversion.
  • Measurable Results: Lead generation campaigns can be tracked and analyzed, allowing for continuous optimization and performance improvements.

What are B2B lead generation examples?

B2B lead generation is not just a theoretical concept; it’s a dynamic process with real-world applications. Let’s have a look at some practical B2B lead generation examples that showcase how businesses effectively attract and convert potential clients:
  • Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • SEO and Content Optimization
  • Referral Programs
  • Cold Calling and Outbound Sales
  • Lead Magnet Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising

Free Tools for B2B Lead Generation

Effective B2B lead generation doesn’t always require a hefty budget. There are numerous free tools and resources available that can significantly boost your efforts. Here’s a look at some cost-free options to help you supercharge your lead generation strategy:
  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This free trial offers advanced search filters and lead recommendations to connect with potential B2B clients.
  2. Google Advanced Search: Utilize advanced search operators to pinpoint specific businesses or professionals in your niche.
  3. Canva: Design eye-catching visuals and infographics to attract and engage leads.
  4. Google Forms: Create custom surveys to gather information and generate leads.
  5. Google Analytics: Gain insights into website traffic, visitor behavior, and lead generation sources.
  6. Mailchimp Free Plan: Use this free plan for email marketing campaigns and automation for smaller subscriber lists.
  7. HubSpot CRM: HubSpot offers a free CRM tool that helps manage leads and track interactions.
So, an efficient B2B lead generation significantly improve the sales and marketing process, helping businesses identify, engage, and convert potential clients while offering numerous benefits, including increased sales opportunities, better targeting, and cost-effective marketing.