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What SalesNash can do for you

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We can find your best-fit potential customers, their contact data and all the info you need. The research is being done manually, to make sure all the data is accurate and up to date.

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We can find candidates that are the right fit for vacancies you are working on, fast and at high volume.

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Our virtual assistant can take care of all of your back office tasks - following up with clients and vendors, invoicing, calendar management etc.

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We can reach out to your potential customers, start the conversation, and schedule an appointment with those that are interested.

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We can reach out to candidates for the vacancies you are working on, prequalify them and give all the data to your recruiters.

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We can build your sales development team from scratch, for your sales team to always have opportunities that fit their current focus and goals.

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Who we are

SalesNash is a sales development company that can find your best-fit potential customers, start the conversation, identify the ones that are interested and schedule a call for your sales team.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with leads they need, for them to focus on what they do best - closing deals and growing their business.

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Our expertise

SalesNash team has experience of working with a whole bunch of industries. With original focus on software and Saas space, now we serve dozens of clients in healthtech, healthcare, event management, staffing and talent, digital marketing and other industries.


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[ Working Process ]

How we work for our customers



We always evaluate the project prior to starting to both make sure we can deliver and provide our clients with a project plan before they start working with us.



To deliver results as fast as possible, we minimize the learning curve and do all the preparation within the first couple of days of the project.



Whether we are working on an appointment setting campaign or qualifying candidates - our team keeps up the pace and provides all the data in real time.


Ongoing adjustment

To make sure our clients reach their goals, we constantly adjust our processes to get better results.

[ Testimonial ]

What our clients say

The client is the king, which is especially true when working with SalesNash.

Equipped with industry-relevant experience, Sales Nash is able to set five appointments on average per week, meeting our expectations. The collaborative team leads weekly meetings to deliver updates and share their progress. The team's efficiency and professionalism are their highlights.
This engagement led to a significant increase in leads and contracts, exceeding our business goals. Sales Nash demonstrated a seamless workflow through regular meetings, reporting, and effective communication. Their strategy in providing quality results was impressive.
Hiring SalesNash was a great decision for us. They are handling a very time-consuming part of our sales process, which is allowing our sales reps to focus on contacting clients and closing the sales.
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