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Sales Development process executed with the discipline, proper tools, and experienced people is a secret sauce of modern B2B sales organizations

Industries we generate leads for


SaaS & IT

We research your product and your market prior to starting. Whether you want to get your competitors' users or expand within a niche - we can help



Finding companies who are qualified for your Investment profile, along with angel investors with a specific portfolio


B2B Services

Deliver qualified Leads for marketing agencies, consultants or any other B2B oriented service organizations


Event management

Our team will find events you are looking for, will check if they fit your criteria and find their organizers

Our Services

  • List building and prospect research

    We help our clients to build the list of prospects to reach out. SalesNash team does that in an old-fashioned, manual way. That allows making sure that the data is good while finding very specific information - your competitors' users, event attendees/organizers, etc.

  • Email outreach

    Because of the great research we do, SalesNash is able to reach out to a segmented group of prospects, with a very relevant message.After prequalifying the opportunity we schedule the appointment directly to our client's calendar.

  • LinkedIn outreach

    Sales Navigator is the most powerful tool to drive new sales opportunities. SalesNash agents have already ironed out the best tactics and are generating dozens of appointments for our clients every day while using the power of social media.

  • Sales Development Strategy

    For new businesses and clients that would like to build the sales development process, we develop a multi-channel outreach strategy. The dedicated manager works closely with our client's team to define how many opportunities should be generated and how SalesNash will make that happen.

  • Inbound SDR

    As soon as you are establishing an inbound sales strategy or even if you already have all the processes in place - SalesNash is here to provide you with an experienced agent to qualify your inbound leads.All of our agents are proficient in following up on leads and qualifying them through multiple communication channels.

Our Process

The SalesNash team will request all the information you have on your desired customers. The key here is to define ICP - Ideal Client Profile for your product or service.
We will assign a prospecting specialist that will evaluate the volume of leads we can target and run a brief campaign to provide you with all the details in terms of campaign complexity, prospecting and outreach volume, expected results, and pricing.
Our goal is to make the campaign as targeted as possible - we care about the quality as much as about the quantity.



Campaign start




The trust of our clients is priceless.
SalesNash pulls together to meet the demands of our clients and ensure they get the most out of our cooperation. We uphold trust principles and know that only a precise and straightforward approach may help to win the hearts of people.
SalesNash provides solutions to your top-priority concerns, involving list building, email and LinkedIn outreach, and reliable sales development strategy.


Hiring SalesNash was a great decision for us at InitLive. They are handling a very time-consuming part of our sales process, which is allowing our sales reps to focus on contactingclients and closing the sales. I would strongly recommend their services!

Brandon TremblayHead of Outbound Sales at InitLive

I’m happy about what SalesNash does for Nectar Desk. They are handling the important part ofour processes and are doing good. They are result-oriented and did their best to minimize the learningcurve, which is the main reason I work with them for almost 3 years.I would definitely recommend their service to all early-stage Saas companies that don’t have their ownsales development team established.

Andriy AzarovChief Executive Officer at Nectar Desk

Want SalesNash to handle your lead generation?


Here is a list of our plans suitable for any company and business. We would be happy to discuss your custom requirements.

  • Lead Research

    From 1399$

    per month

    Dedicated data specialistCampaign Manager40 hours per week600-1000 leads found per month
    Our dedicated data specialist will find your ideal prospects, for your team to run their campaigns easily

  • LinkedIn outreach

    From 1000$

    per month

    Dedicated LinkedIn specialistCampaign Manager2000 contacts targeted per monthOutreach campaign + follow-ups
    Our Linkedin outreach specialist will do all the prospecting and outreach, for your team to focus on conversations

  • SDR Team

    From $2499

    per month

    Dedicated data specialistDedicated outreach specialistDedicated Linkedin outreach specialist40 hours per week1000-3000 leads targeted per month5-15 appointments as a monthly target
    Our team will work on research, multichannel outreach, and appointment setting, while you focus on closing deals

  • Custom Team based on ICP Questionnaire

    Demand pricing

    per month

    Setup based on your preferencesProject managerCustom number of leads per dayFull involvement in planningControl over workflowAccess to all the data
    Let us know your vision of the SDR project and we will be able to provide you with the proposal tailored to your needs shortly

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