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SalesNash, an award-winning B2B lead generation service, delivers precise data research and lead identification. By focusing on thorough research and accurate lead details, we help you make connections that really count.


[ Data & Lead Research Service ]

Your ICP, Our Research Expertise

Your Ideal Customer Profile is our guide. We don’t just find leads – we find the right leads. Our data research is targeted and accurate. To make this happen, our research team uses advanced tools to ensure each lead meets your specific criteria. As a result, every lead we deliver to you is much targeted and has a greater probability of converting into your valuable customer. In essence, there are 3 things that make our service stand out:
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Response rate increase on avarage
99 %
Data Accuracy
[ Working Process ]

How lead generation and data research service work for you

Client Briefing

You outline your ideal customer profile and specific prospecting needs, which sets the stage for targeted research.

Dedicated Research Team

Our specialized team tailors their approach to your project, using manual and automated methods to identify the most relevant prospects.

Quality Checks

Daily quality controls by our research managers ensure the data delivered to you is always of the highest quality.

Toolset Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with your technology stack and provide timely and flexible delivery that aligns with your operational flow.

[ Lead Generation Expertise ]

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We always strive for the best

The project workflow prioritizes accurate valid data and full client satisfaction. Anything rejected by the client as well as anything that has bounced is replaced by the team at no extra charge allowing us to reach the highest data accuracy rate.

Experience & Expertise

We prioritize excellence in lead research. This, in turn, guarantees the highest level of data accuracy for each our customer.

Comfortable Cooperation

Communication is provided by flexible toolsets, real-time Slack monitoring, and transparent processes for client integration.

High Quality of

The key aspect of the SalesNash lead generation process is meticulous data validation and replacement for 99% accuracy.

Hand-Curated Research

This lets us focus on relevant and hard-to-find data points to make sure the data we provide is impactful for your project.


Every list is built from scratch and designed to fit your ICP. We gather data from a number of providers to make sure it’s reliable.

Continuous Optimization

Our high priority is on continuous improvement through feedback and collaboration for 100% customer satisfcation.

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Could we be a good fit for you?

We think so, and we think more so if any of the following situations sound like something you’ve experienced:

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SalesNash powered Nextmv's reach with targeted research resultion in 20% ROI. Read Full Story

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Our research team

With our commitment to quality, strategic insights, and global expertise, we aim to revolutionize your appointment setting processes, ensuring a significant increase in contracts that surpass your business goals.

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Research Team Packages

Custom Search

From 0.6c/lead

Team Setup
Standard Research Team​​

From 1800$

Team Setup
Extended Research Team​

From 3000$

Team Setup
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SalesNash clients say

"SalesNash has successfully identified the right prospects for us, perfectly matching our criteria. Their thorough nationwide research and tailored approach have already produced solid leads."
"SalesNash helped us deliver better results to our clients by providing valuable candidate pipelines. Their thorough research ensured we received strong and relevant leads for our executive search projects"
"With SalesNash's help, we managed to reach over 50 high-quality leads each week. We received timely and relevant leads, allowing us to focus on closing deals.”

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[ FAQ ]

SalesNash customers also ask

We depend on credible, frequently updated platforms such as Crunchbase and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For unique situations, we also explore open data sources and conduct extra verification to ensure accuracy.

Absolutely! Our data enrichment services are ideal for enhancing your current database. This process includes:

  • Reviewing and updating your CRM data to keep it up-to-date.
  • Verifying lead lists with human oversight to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Adding new leads that match your criteria.
  • Removing data that doesn’t align with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • Delivering a polished and accurate database ready for your marketing and sales efforts.

Our research team uses advanced verification tools and constantly tests new software to stay ahead. Tools we use include QuickEmailVerification, GMass, and our proprietary systems.

If we exhaust leads matching your ICP, we offer three solutions: reengage unresponsive leads, broaden the range of job titles, or expand our search to include other industries and sub-sectors.

Yes, you can. Our custom lead list building services provide validated lead lists tailored to your specific needs. You’ll receive comprehensive B2B lists with company names, sizes, and contact details.

No, we do not provide or resell ready-made lead lists. Each list is custom-built specifically for your ICP to ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and relevance. This way, the data is always current and pertinent.