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Explore new opportunities for your business

We handle discovering your ideal clients, initiating contact to begin discussions, pinpointing those displaying interest, and arranging meetings on behalf of your team.

50 %
Avarage open rate

We assign a dedicated research team to find all the prospects, get their contact information and any additional information that might be required.

99 %
Accuracy in finding the right data
[ Process ]

How we work for our customers

It takes less than a week for our team to launch outbound efforts for you.
1st day

Setting the stage

We start off with a strategy session to get to know each other and understand your business goals. Together, we’ll define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and plan campaigns that will truly connect with your audience. We’ll draw on our past successes to ensure we start off on the right foot.

2nd day

Laying the groundwork

Once the strategy is set, our team gets busy prepping for the launch. This involves setting up all the necessary tools & tech and making sure our team is perfectly aligned with your needs. Our aim is to make everything seamless and customized just for you, so we’re ready for a successful launch.

3-4th days

Taking off

It’s time to put our plan into action. We finalize the prep, setting up the first batch of leads and crafting email templates that really speak to your audience. With everything in place, we’re ready to hit the ground running, ensuring a smooth take-off.

5th day

Going live

This is where you come in to give us the green light. Once you approve everything, we launch the outreach campaigns. From there, we closely monitor performance, ready to tweak and scale our efforts based on the results. We’re in this together and excited to see the results roll in.

[ Projects ]

SalesNash success stories

With SalesNash, your leads aren’t just numbers – they’re real opportunities.

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[ SaaS - Outreach Team ]


SalesNash helped Yodeck to build a channel sales funnel for the Europe market with 40+ appointments​ and 80% open rates. Read Full Story

[ SaaS - Outreach Team ]


SalesNash helped Productive get hot leads to close more deals, 4,000+ cold leads as well as 32 appointments settled . Read Full Story


CDS Global Cloud

SalesNash helped CDS excel at enterprise-scale outreach and settled 4 enterprise appointments per month. Read Full Story

[ FAQ ]

SalesNash customers also ask

We create every outreach project individually for the client, although in most cases, the service will consist of creating a list of companies that fit your ICP, writing focused messages, and the execution of multichannel outreach campaigns for the purpose of booking appointments. In addition to this, you will receive detailed planning, regular updates, quality control, and tech support in order to ensure the successful progression of all processes.

In most cases, we could have your project up and running in around 1.5 weeks after agreement signature. If you want it faster, we can speed this up and launch within 5 business days.

Before we even get started, we’re going to get you to fill in a pretty comprehensive questionnaire about who you want to reach and what your goals are. It means that we can come up with a sharper plan that makes sure we’re targeting the right people right from the start.

Our extensive expertise with outbund and your idustry knowledge here are going to be critical. Using the info you provided in the Template Questionnaire and Problem Canvas, our content team will compile messages that address your prospects’ most significant pain points. And, of course, nothing goes out without your final thumbs up.

In most cases, outreach can be kicked-off within the first or second week once everything is set up. Depending on the complexity of your market, you may see some quick-shoot responses – in some cases as early as the second week of outreach.

Yes, you can plug in all the data into your CRM system or any lead management tool you are using. We have very good experience with big platforms like HubSpot, Mailshake, SalesLoft, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Reply, to name a few, and we can integrate our outreach efforts with your existing infrastructure wherever needed.

From our experience running hundreds and hundreds of outreach campaigns, 1-2% of the leads are converted into the appointments. This means, for every 500 leads, you should be expecting 5 to 10 appointments.

However, there are competitive industries, where 0,5% conversion is a really good result.

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