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About Healthcare Laboratory Management Solution

Young company that offers full-service IT and management solutions to laboratories was doing its first steps in outbound sales and needed to figure out the right strategy and targeting. With no experience in outreach client decided to use SalesNash services to build up the SDR process.

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With their services mostly tailored for the healthcare industry, the client had to be very precise as in terms of the outreach it is a hard nut to crack. What we needed to ensure prior to starting the campaign is that:

  • we target the companies you are capable of working with;
  • our emails are sent to the right titles so not a bit of effort goes in vain;
  • our messaging is to the point and interacts with the prospect from the very first words;
  • the SDRs are persistent on the follow-up activities and leads aren’t wasted.

With that in mind, SalesNash took care of the client’s outbound activities.


When doing the outreach in a very niche market, open rates and response rates are usually lower than average, unless you come up with great targeting and relevant messaging.

The most important thing here is contacting the right companies and the right titles. If your message finds a fitting person at the wrong company as well as if it finds a wrong person at the fitting company it results in wasted time and wasted leads.

What the prospects initially see is a subject line and the first ~8 words of your message so when compiling a message you need to make SL engaging, intriguing, and meaningful and write your opener in a way that resonates with the prospect. 


Work on the Ideal Customer Profile

The regular procedure for SalesNash is to share the ICP questionnaire after the discovery call so we are able to evaluate the initial prospecting volumes. However, further tweaks are done all along the way. Before the project started we set up the call to discuss all the research aspects, while during the first two weeks the lists were shared with the client every 2 days so the client had a chance to look through the leads and share their comments. Afterwards, all the updates were discussed on the weekly calls.

Domain Reputation Management

With the current enhancement of spam detection mechanics, cold outreach requires a more sensitive approach. As the client picked a project plan with the bigger daily quota a solution that allowed to avoid damage was necessary. Thus, in addition to a traditional one-week long warm-up, it was decided to create 2 email accounts instead of 1 to reduce sending volumes. This way we were sure that even if the project ends client will be able to do the further mailing without any harm.

Content Writing

The key to increasing the open rates is a proper subject line and opening sentence. However, it’s enough to provoke the interest and induce the prospect to open the message, but to ensure he reads it the whole message structure is important.

LinkedIn is Quite Effective

Along with the email campaign LinkedIn outreach demonstrated quite good results. Used as a follow-up activity it allowed to connect with the prospects that aren’t checking their inbox that often. As SalesNash SDR functions as an extension to the client’s team we created the profile of the fake employee that had industry experience, was located out of the company’s headquarters city and during the warm-up activities built up the network based on CEO’s connections.

Driven Results

Сold leads were reached out with relevant messaging

Even though the initial few weeks seemed to be a rough start with only 4 appointments scheduled throughout the first month further growth to a stable 8-10 appointments month allows us to judge that the work is done effectively and the all client’s expenses pay off, which is the best compliment for the sales development company.

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