BDM's Pivotal Role in Doubling Mecka's Clientele

Mecka is a leading provider of cloud-based business management tools, specially designed for product and service companies.

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appt. a month
70 %
response rate

Summary of Campaign for Mecka

The Mecka tools facilitate catalogue creation, management, and sharing; streamline online sales; and enhance market insights and operational efficiencies through automation and integration. A highlight of Mecka’s offerings includes complimentary eBay store management and page creation services.

Mecka sought to outsource pre-deal activities including niche lead generation and prequalification, which were meticulously managed by our Business Development Manager (BDM). This involved a comprehensive cycle starting from identifying appropriate companies on eBay and similar platforms, to initiating contact, conducting qualification calls and messages, and maintaining updates in Mecka’s CRM system.



Ottawa, Ontario


Business Development

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Project Execution

Our team, including a Customer Success Manager (CSM), Research Analyst, IT specialist, Content Writer, and led by the BDM, collaborated to construct an effective sales funnel and workflow to elevate Mecka’s sales performance. The initial discussions revolved around the selection of tools and CRM systems, the design of the workflow, and the integration of prequalification procedures. Post approval of the multichannel outreach strategy, our BDM began generating leads, while the IT and content teams developed the necessary infrastructure. The campaign initially focused on auto parts wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers with eBay presence.

As we expanded the channels to include cold calling and Facebook, new content was created to support these efforts. Throughout the project, we continuously refined our personalization techniques and qualification processes, significantly improving response rates and overall sales efficacy.

We quickly set up outreach channels like email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and cold calling, integrating them with a new client’s CRM system. Our focus was on expanding the CRM to manage increasing leads from eBay stores. We efficiently identified and engaged these niche leads using advanced search techniques. The campaign started strong with an immediate uptick in appointments, thanks to our targeted approach and the niche appeal of Mecka’s services. This set the stage for the impressive results that followed.

Driven Results for Mecka by SalesNash

Appointment Setting: Achieved 15 new appointments per month.

Active Engagement: Conducted approximately 30 qualification calls monthly.

High Response Rates: Attained a 70% response rate across communication channels.

Lead Generation: Identified around 1000 unique prospects in the initial quarter, each engaged through direct phone calls.

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