No complicated and useless calculations, no false promises, just a straightforward and transparent budget description for lead generation services.


All of the stated prices are for the Monthly Agreements, as soon as you’d like to work on a Month-to-Month basis, let us know on the discussion stage.

Outbound Appointment Setting

SDR Team

Lite Team
  • Same process as w/ Standard
  • Standard outreach volume
  • Simplified research
  • 3-8 appointments/mo
  • Fast ramping up

Standard Team
From 3750$/ mo
  • Two dedicated people
  • Around 1000 contacts/mo
  • Customizable sequence
  • 5-15 appointments/mo
  • Weekly reporting
  • Flexible outreach planning

Extended Team
From 5250$/ mo
  • Second dedicated researcher
  • Doubled contacts volume
  • Additional mailboxes
  • 9-25 appointments/mo
  • Multiple target profiles
Database Building

Research Team

Custom Search
From 1$/ lead
  • Volume as per request
  • Up to 2k leads within 30 days
  • Pay as you go
  • Below 3% bounce rate

Standard Team
From 1800$/ mo
  • One dedicated researcher
  • Research & Project managers
  • Around 1000 leads/mo
  • Below 1% bounce rate
  • Weekly deliveries

Extended Team
From 3200$/ mo
  • Second dedicated researcher
  • Further scalability
  • Doubled leads volume
  • Multiple target profiles
Other Services

We also help with

  • Virtual Assistant
    Virtual Assistant

    A dedicated person to take care of all the repetative routine and various ad hoc tasks so you can concentrate on the imprtant stuff.

  • Candidate Sourcing
    Candidate Sourcing

    A research team to take care of finding high-quality candidates so your recruiters can concetrate on qualifying the candidates.

  • Recruitment

    An experienced team to engage your candidates and set up interviews with best-fit ones improving your vacancy turnaround time.