For sales team that need to find a very specific type of prospects

A dedicated research team

SalesNash provides dedicated researchers to dozens of sales and marketing teams worldwide.

In most cases, our clients know exactly who their perfect potential customer is. However, these potential customers are either hard to find, or the volume of the contact information required for sales and marketing purposes is very high.

We assign a dedicated research team to find all the prospects, get their contact information and any additional information that might be required, and get that to our client in a form of a list. To make sure we deliver, the vast majority of our research is being done manually, while our research managers check the quality of data every day.

  • No research routine for your sales and marketing teams
  • Manual research to make sure we find the right people
  • Researchers are dedicated to your tasks and prioritize them based on your requests
  • Over 99% accuracy

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Our Pricing Plan


Dedicated researcher
  • 1 dedicated researcher
  • 50+ leads found daily
  • 99% accuracy
  • A dedicated project manager

Research team of 2
  • Everything from the dedicated researcher
  • Additional researcher
  • Double volume of leads

Custom team
  • Custom number of researchers
  • Exact number of leads you need
  • Best value
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