Are you wondering how to find a perfect employee without wasting your precious time? SalesNash, a top-notch recruitment service, is here to connect your company with the ideal candidates in various sectors, including IoT, software development, architecture, landscaping, and construction.

  • Manual search for identifying genuine specialists
  • Over 99% accuracy in finding suitable workers
  • Wide range of positions – from junior to executive levels

Personalized outreach process

Average of 15 interviews booked monthly

Multiple vacancies processed simultaneously


SalesNash Recruitment Service

  • Hands-on Method

Our recruitment agency bets on a meticulous manual approach to personnel selection. This thorough process ensures over 99% accuracy in finding the right person to meet your specific requirements.

  • Speed and Efficiency

SalesNash excels in search of candidates by utilizing a robust team of recruiters. Our ability to rapidly find, engage, collect CVs, and pre-qualify candidates allows our clients to fill more vacancies promptly and take on more projects, enhancing their business growth.

  • Wide Service Spectrum

We provide comprehensive solutions for all levels of roles – from junior positions to senior executive searches. Whether you need permanent staff or contract-based talent, our job recruitment agency is prepared to fulfill any wish.

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Unique Approach to Talent Acquisition

  • Client-Centric Customization

Recognizing that each company has exceptional demands, especially when it comes to senior roles, we tailor our approach accordingly. From junior positions to executive levels, permanent to temporary – our flexibility as a recruitment agency ensures we address your specific needs comprehensively.

  • Exceptional Professionalism

The main goal of our IT recruitment agency is to source talent that drives business success. We aim to connect visionary companies with individuals who are not just technically proficient, but who also embody the drive and creativity. The right recruitment strategy ensures a company has access to the skills and expertise needed to stay competitive and innovate.

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Our Pricing Plan
3250$Recruitment Team
  • 1 sourcer and 1 engagement specialist
  • 30+ candidates found daily
  • Email, Linkedin and phone outreach
  • Up to 15 pre-qualified candidates
4750$Extended Team
  • Everything from the Standard
  • Additional sourcer
  • Double volume of candidates
  • Up to 30 pre-qualified candidates
CustomCustom recruitment team
  • Custom number of recruiters
  • Exact expertise and experience you need
  • Best value
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How recruiting service
works for you

Understanding Your Needs

Our team dedicates time to grasp your unique requirements.

Manual Sourcing with a Human Touch

The power of human intuition and intelligence will identify the potential that often goes unnoticed in automated systems.

Rigorous Candidate Evaluation

Our recruitment team thoroughly reviews each candidate, prioritizing not just the skills but also the cultural match with your company's ethos and values.

[ Who we are ]

Our recruitment team

At SalesNash, we take responsibility seriously, ensuring every placement is a step towards your company’s success. 

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Sophie Adams

Operations Manager,
Innova Recruitment

Sales Nash set up all of our accounts for new hires, helped implement training schedules, provided team support from a technological standpoint and provided operations support when a request that was given to them. With their additional support I was able to get things off my plate and accomplish important tasks throughout my day.

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Recruitment is much more than filling a position

SalesNash stands out due to the manual approach to recruitment and personalized service. Our thorough and targeted process results in over 99% accuracy in candidate placements.

Our recruiters have expertise in a wide range of industries, including IoT, construction, architecture, landscaping, and software development.

Our recruiters manually review each candidate’s profile and perform daily checks to ensure the highest standards.

Yes, we can provide a broad spectrum of roles, from junior to senior executive levels, covering both permanent and temporary positions.

By having a team of skilled sources and recruiters, we expedite the recruitment process, filling more vacancies faster.

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Why is Recruitment Crucial in Today’s Business Environment?

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, the role of a recruitment agency has become more crucial than ever. The importance of finding the right talent – individuals who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with the company’s culture and vision – increased. Let’s figure out why recruitment is a critical element in today’s business environment, focusing on various aspects such as IT, marketing, and HR recruitment.

Adapting to Technological Advancements

As technology rapidly evolves, companies need candidates who are not just tech-savvy but also adaptable to technological changes. This is why companies like SalesNash play a pivotal role, connecting businesses with candidates who have the latest technological skills and knowledge.

The Power of Marketing Expertise

In the digital age, the significance of marketing cannot be overlooked. A marketing recruitment agency focuses on finding individuals who can navigate the complexities of digital marketing, from social media to SEO, ensuring that companies effectively reach their target audience.

Meeting Diverse Business Needs

A comprehensive job recruitment agency understands that different roles require different skills and approaches. Whether it’s a start-up needing versatile talent or a large corporation looking for specialized skills, recruitment agencies tailor their search to meet these diverse needs.

The Human Resource Edge

An effective HR recruitment agency goes beyond finding candidates for HR roles. They play a strategic part in shaping the workforce, focusing on acquiring talent that can foster a positive work environment and drive organizational growth.

The Challenge of Finding the Right Fit

With the increasing complexity of job roles and the dynamic nature of industries, finding the right candidate has become a challenging task. Recruitment agencies use their expertise, networks, and resources to meet this challenge, ensuring that companies find the perfect fit for their needs.

Contributing to Business Strategy

Recruitment is no longer just about filling vacancies; it’s about adding value to the business. Recruitment agencies, especially in niche areas like IT and marketing, provide strategic insights that help shape the future direction of the company.

The Global Talent Pool

The expansion of the job market to a global scale means companies can tap into a wider talent pool. International recruitment agency jobs focus on bridging the gap between global talent and local business needs, providing a diverse range of candidates.

In conclusion, recruitment agencies play a vital role in today’s business environment. They are not just facilitators but strategic partners that help companies navigate the complexities of talent acquisition and management. From IT to marketing, and from junior roles to executive positions, recruitment agencies are integral in building a workforce that is capable, dynamic, and aligned with the company’s goals and values.

Key Tips for Effective Recruiting from SalesNash

Recruitment is an art that combines strategy, understanding, and precision. At SalesNash, a leading recruitment agency, we have honed this art, ensuring our clients find the right talent that aligns with their business objectives. Here are some key tips for effective recruiting, incorporating our expertise across various sectors including IT, marketing, and HR.

  1. Understand the Role and the Industry. Before starting the recruitment process, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the role and its importance within your industry. Whether it’s an IT recruitment agency looking for tech geniuses or a marketing recruitment agency seeking creative minds, understanding the specific skills and experiences required is key.
  2. Utilize a Comprehensive Sourcing Strategy. Don’t limit your search to one channel. A diverse sourcing strategy, which includes online job boards, social media, and networking events can help you reach a wider pool of candidates.
  3. Focus on Employer Branding. Your employer brand is your company’s identity in the job market. A strong, positive brand attracts top talent. This is particularly true when the competition for skilled HR professionals is intense.
  4. Streamline the Application Process. An overly complicated or lengthy application process can deter potential candidates. Streamlining this process, making it user-friendly and efficient, is a tip all job recruitment agencies should follow.
  5. Invest in Technology. In today’s digital age, investing in the right technology for recruiting is vital. From applicant tracking systems to AI-driven screening tools, technology can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.
  6. Conduct Structured Interviews. Structured interviews, where each candidate is asked the same set of predetermined questions, are crucial for fair and objective assessment. This approach is especially beneficial in the IT sector, where technical skills are as important as soft skills.
  7. Prioritize Candidate Experience. The recruitment process is also a reflection of your company’s values and culture. Ensuring a positive and respectful experience for candidates is essential, as it impacts your brand’s perception of the job market.
  8. Develop a Strong Onboarding Program. Recruiting doesn’t end with the acceptance of the job offer. A strong onboarding program is essential to help new hires acclimate and become productive members of the team quickly.
  9. Keep an Eye on Recruitment Metrics. Monitoring key recruitment metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality of hire is important for continually improving your recruitment process.
  10. Foster Continuous Learning and Development. Encourage a culture of continuous learning and development. This is particularly important in dynamic fields like IT and marketing, where staying updated with the latest trends and technologies is crucial.

To sum up, recruitment is increasingly critical in today’s fast-paced business environment, with its importance amplified in sectors like IT, marketing, and HR. As technology evolves, companies require tech-savvy, adaptable candidates, making agencies like SalesNash vital in connecting businesses with such talent. Marketing, now more than ever, demands expertise in navigating digital complexities, and recruitment agencies play a key role in sourcing candidates adept in digital marketing strategies. On the HR front, recruitment is not just about filling positions but also strategically shaping the workforce to foster growth. The challenge lies in matching the dynamic nature of job roles with the right talent, a task that employment agencies are well-equipped to handle.