Are you experiencing difficulties in converting your sales pipeline into actual revenue? Our Sales Development service is precisely crafted to update your sales strategies, offering a strong solution to this key challenge and ensuring your business actively turns leads into substantial gains.

  • A steady stream of targeted & valuable leads
  • Strategies for sustained business development
  • Expert tactics for higher lead-to-deal conversion

Precise KPI tracking

Efficient pipeline optimization

Streamlined lead & customer acquisition process


From Foundation to Conversion

  • Building from Scratch

Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your sales department or a founded enterprise seeking to improve your sales strategies, SalesNash is your ideal partner. We take pride in our ability to build a sales department from the ground up. Beginning with lead generation, we establish a steady flow of potential clients, ensuring that your sales funnel is never empty. With SalesNash, you’re building a powerhouse of growth and revenue generation for unprecedented success and market leadership.

  • Driving Success with SalesNash

SalesNash employs experienced sales talent to nurture potential clients, guiding them through the sales funnel toward successful conversion. This process involves a deep understanding of customer psychology, market trends, and effective communication strategies – all areas in which our team excels. Furthermore, through a combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, we ensure that each interaction with prospective clients solidifies the bridge between initial interest and final sale.

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Strategy for Empowering Growth

  • Focus on Your Core Business

With SalesNash, you gain the freedom to concentrate on your core business areas – like product development and nurturing existing customer relationships. While you focus on innovation and service excellence, we take care of scaling your sales and developing new business opportunities. This collaborative approach ensures that all aspects are in harmony, propelling your company towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

  • Unique Approach

Our company integrates comprehensive sales development programs with strategic business development. This method involves more than just the pursuit of immediate sales, it’s about constructing a robust system that continuously drives revenue. SalesNash creates a synchronized strategy that not only identifies and generates a steady stream of potential clients but also employs our experienced team to skillfully convert these opportunities into deals and ongoing income flows.

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[ Pricing ]

Our Pricing Plan
CustomLite Team
  • Same process as w/ Standard
  • Standard outreach volume
  • Simplified research
  • 3-8 appointments/mo
  • Fast ramping up
From 3750$Standard Team
  • Two dedicated people
  • Around 1000 contacts/mo
  • 5-15 appointments/mo
  • Weekly reporting
  • Flexible outreach planning
From 5250$Extended Team
  • Second dedicated researcher
  • Doubled contacts volume
  • Additional mailboxes
  • 9-25 appointments/mo
  • Multiple target profiles
[ Process ]

How sales development services work for you

Strategy Development

We create a unique sales approach to meet your specific needs.

Lead Management

SalesNash implements strategies to generate and nurture high-quality leads.

Revenue Growth

Our team converts leads into tangible revenue, focusing on creating long-term & profitable relationships that contribute significantly to your business growth.

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[ Who we are ]

Our sales development team

Each of our experienced sales development managers takes part in shaping and advancing your unique sales story, meticulously ensuring that our actions are consistently aligned with your specific business goals.

Embark on a path to redefine your sales strategy. Reach out to SalesNash now and allow our seasoned experts in business development and sales to direct you toward remarkable success.

Kresimir Simicic

Kresimir Simicic

VP of Business Development, Productive

We considered multiple companies of similar profile, but Sales Nash really stood out with their direct and honest approach, attractive pricing and quick response times. We were able to close some pretty big deals with their help so far. Something we thought was highly unlikely, given the state of “cold outreach” in our industry. They were able to prove us wrong.

[ FAQ ]

Revolutionary factor in achieving business triumph

inbound marketing

It involves targeted strategies and actions focused on improving lead generation and client conversion, essential for your sales business development. 

Absolutely! Our approach is to enhance your current sales efforts rather than replace them. SalesNash scalable solutions are designed to adapt to your business’s unique needs and growth stage, ensuring that you receive the most relevant leads.

It allows a company to focus on its core products and customer relationships while we handle the complexities of sales and business development. Our clients benefit from an increase in sales efficiency, a sustainable flow of leads, and improved conversion rates.

Of course! SalesNash specializes in creating sales departments from the ground up. We start with developing a strategic sales plan, setting up processes, hiring the right talent, and then moving on to lead generation and conversion.

SalesNash team uses a deep understanding of customer psychology and market trends, coupled with effective communication strategies, to guide prospects through the sales funnel. Our focus on relationship-building and personalized engagement ensures higher conversion rates.

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