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What is Swordfish AI?

Swordfish AI offers a modern platform to find cell numbers, personal emails on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles. There are plugs for the Chrome browser that show you premium personal contact data. Swordfish works on any webpage that includes a social profile, phone, or email. You can now match a cell number to an email address to verify and enrich leads. It is used by the world’s top recruiters, sales and investigative professional’s at the world’s top defense, tech and government agencies.

Swordfish AI Features

The solution runs detailed searches across social media profiles of professionals to find out accurate information in real-time. You can connect with 200x network partners, who bring in the world’s most accurate and updated contact information. An accurate chrome integration featured by the particular, lets them extract information across social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook Profiles and Groups, Stack Overflow, Github besides Bing, and Google searches. 

Moreover, you are able even to utilize Swordfish for adds in missing emails and phone numbers within their curated list of potential customers in bulk. The entire process gets completed in a few clicks. Additionally, the software combines machine learning algorithms with premium data vendors to extract and cross-check gathered data that are publicly available.

Data Protection

Swordfish is NOT required to comply with GDPR for four reasons:

  • It is a US-based company whose processing activities take place within the US, and not a member state of the EEA.
  • Swordfish does not direct its marketing efforts to EU or EEA members states to offer goods or services to individuals located in the EU or EEA.
  • Swordfish does not monitor the behavior of individuals located in EU or EEA member states (or individuals located in any other countries for that matter).
  • Swordfish has not been required by contract (or any other personal data transfer mechanism) to impose GDPR-level privacy or security standards to personal data of individuals located in the EU or EEA.

Although Swordfish is not required to comply with the GDPR, Swordfish recognizes that data protection is important to individuals around the world and that the GDPR establishes a number of “best practices” relating to handling of personal data. Swordfish has voluntarily adopted some of the principles mandated by the GDPR to offer robust data protection practices to our customers and business contacts.

In specific, Swordfish adheres to the following GDPR principles:

  • Data protection “by design”: Swordfish focuses on data protection in maintaining and updating its service
  • Fairness: Swordfish established a privacy policy that it believes fairly addresses the rights of individuals and Swordfish’s responsibility for stewardship of the personal data to which it has access
  • Transparency: Swordfish’s privacy policy provides notice of its data protection practices to explain in detail what kinds of personal data it collects, how it uses that personal data, and its practices in sharing and disclosing personal data.
  • Purpose limitation: Swordfish limits its personal data processing to operations involved with providing its service to help customers find business profile information of individuals they seek in order to interact with them; Swordfish does not use personal data for any other purposes
  • Data minimization: Swordfish only has access to the personal data it needs to provide the service and deletes personal data after it no longer has a business purpose for retaining such personal data
  • Accuracy: Swordfish offers mechanisms to allow individuals to update and correct their personal data
  • Security: Swordfish is committed to reasonable and appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for personal data in its database in light of the nature of personal data to which Swordfish has access
  • Accountability: Swordfish is also committed to resolving disputes about privacy and security as described in its privacy policy.


Swordfish offers a free trial. There are also several advanced plans:

  • STARTER plan starts at $99/mo for 1-2 users and 150 credits/mo;
  • PROFESSIONAL plan starts at $249/mo for 1-4 users and 400 credits/mo; 
  • CUSTOM and ENTERPRISE plans are also available starting at 800credits/mo.
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