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What is WASK?

WASK is a digital marketing platform that allows you to design, publish and optimize ads from one dashboard. The software helps to optimize Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube ads through a single channel with smart features and reach more customers. You will be able to determine the most suitable audience for your ads and create high-performing content with the help of smart advice. The WASK’s smart algorithm also aids to estimate the quality scores and improve your outcomes.

Calendly Features

Firstly, WASK has an avalanche of great tools for preparing digital ad images. There are options to design, edit and publish ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other platforms. The solution provides you with fancy ready-made design templates, free themes, emojis, and background colors for professional advertising. If you want, you can also upload your own images to the design tool. 

Also, there is an additional option to target the right audience due to the Smart Audience tool. The system uses smart algorithms to automatically find the perfect audience for you. So, you can set a roadmap with smart suggestions and create more powerful ads. Once you integrated your website with your WASK account, you can publish more professional ads using your existing data

The software has the competitor analysis tool that can track competitor’s monthly traffic and traffic sources. Besides, you are able to examine direct, search, referral, social, or paid traffic and make detailed comments. At the same time, you can also see the traffic received by your competitor’s website in accordance with the device distribution. Then you have an option to get full access to all the results of your ad accounts and ads. There are PDF and Excel reports that can be shared with your teammates.

Data Protection

Wask cooperates with government and law enforcement officials or private parties to enforce and comply with the law. The data of your advertisements are kept in its safe servers during your subscription. When you click on the “Connect Account” button when connecting your accounts, the login page of the relevant company opens and you log in via that page. Wask never asks for your accounts’ passwords. Moreover, if you unsubscribe, all data you have on Wask’s platform delete permanently.


You can try all WASK features for free. There are three paid plans:

  • Basic $14 /monthly; 

  • Premium $29 /monthly;

  • Professional $49 /monthly.

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