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What is SignalHire?

SignalHire is a recruiting platform that accumulates 650M+ individual profiles from different public networks. It has a complete package of ATS features for collaboration with the whole recruitment team, from small companies to large enterprises. It provides not only team efficiency metrics but also allows the investigation of market workforce flows. The system uses an innovative method to get top-skilled individuals by acquiring insights on competitor hiring activity as well as trends on workforce flow and company climate. It will help to increase your retention level and boost ROI.

SignalHire Features

SignalHire Agile ATS makes the recruitment process visual, simple, and automated. Your recruiters have seamless real-time collaboration and you get an affluent reduction of cost per hire and time to hire. There is a visual applicant tracking board,  which gives a clear picture of the whole hiring process in one place. You can pick individuals from a list of recommended matches and then easily manage them by dragging and dropping through each hiring stage. There are also options to mark individuals worthy of your attention, set deadlines for working with each individual, and forward resumes to employers right from the recruitment board.

The software has a fully mobile-optimized default job-board that enables easy individual application via social networks. It is possible to create your custom-branded career page and streamline your hiring workflow. So, you decrease advertising and agency fees by leveraging the power of social networks and your employees, share jobs to Facebook and Twitter in one click, and get talent referrals from your employees. Additionally, SignalHire offers a Chrome extension to find emails of over 85% of people on LinkedIn in just one click.

There is also a great function to verify emails. All emails are found in a real-time mode. Before displaying any contact details on the screen they are being verified via 3rd-party verification tools. You can easily find email addresses in bulk. SignalHire allows users to seek emails in bulk for up to 1000 people at a time. There are options to find emails by name, position, or location due to powerful search filters. Moreover, you are able to get contacts and send bulk emails to the candidates at any search stage. Then your contacts can be exported to a CSV file or to your ATS instantly.

Data Protection

SignalHire has a strong privacy policy. When you visit their site or use their service you may provide them with two types of information: personal information you actively choose to disclose (“Active Information”) and non-personally identifiable information collected (“Passive Information”). In order to use their service, they require you to disclose the following information: full legal name, full company name, and a valid e-mail address. Additionally, if you choose to post information through their service or engage in email, regular mail, telephone, or other contacts, they may retain information disclosed thereby as well. Passive information collected by the site and the service utilizes a standard technology called cookies. It is not limited to the date and time of visits, the site pages viewed, time spent at the site, and logging of activities. If you prefer that certain information will not be shown, you should contact a support group.


New users can use a free trial and then upgrade to a plan. The pricing starts from $49 a month. The price depends on email and phone number credits. You need to customize your plan before purchasing.

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