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What is Verifalia?

Verifalia is a great email list cleaning and real-time email verification service. The software was founded in 2016 by the Italian company Cobisi Research. Now its clients consist of about 30% of Fortune and Global 500 organizations, with clients representing every industry – including Microsoft, Renault, GlobalScape, Vision Internet, Constellation Energy, and the American Psychiatric Association. This solution provides the best tools for email marketers and web developers.

What You Can Do with Verifalia?

  • Verify emails in real-time

With the email verification API from Verifalia, you can be sure that both new addresses and your existing database are clean at all times. The software effectively prevents invalid emails from entering your system. You will avoid fake sign-ups and spam attacks. It is easily integrated into your app, web forms, CRM, POS, or other points of data entry.

  • Validate emails in bulk

You can upload lists simply via API and validate your database on a rolling schedule. The system will eliminate data as soon as it turns bad before it can create problems. So, it ensures keeping your data fresh continually. The solution helps you to improve your sender reputation and delivers more of your important emails to the inbox with strong security.

Verifalia Features

Verifalia offers three levels of service quality and detailed response codes. You can choose the most suitable particularly for your business. There is a wide range of handy features: Syntax verification, Domain & DNS check, Mail Exchanger (MX) test, International verification, Role account detection, and so on. Each email address will be checked against universal formatting standards. The system validates the DNS records for each email address and flags addresses belonging to invalid, non-working, or parked domains. Verifalia can accurately verify all your contacts, even those using non-Latin alphabets, like Chinese, Arabic, or Cyrillic. It is also possible to validate Yahoo! Mailboxes.

Data Protection

Most importantly, your data will be protected every step of the process with encrypted uploads, password protection, secure servers, and continuous system monitoring. This software fully complies with EU GDPR, supports the latest TLS protocol versions, and runs on the ISO-27001 data center. Due to the exclusive technology, there is no need for persisting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to disk. Your credentials and other sensitive data are always protected using a one-way military-grade encryption algorithm. All data is automatically deleted from the system after each validation according to your data retention preferences. It can be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 30 days, or you can delete it manually anytime.


Verifalia offers a free version. It is possible to use 25 daily free credits.

There are also four plans:

  • Starter – $9/mo for 250 email validations per day;
  • Professional – $49/mo for 1,250 email validations per day;
  • Enterprise – $199/mo for 6,250 email validations per day;
  • Ultimate – $499/mo for 25,000 email validations per day.

Each plan provides additional cool features and a bigger amount of daily credits. You can buy credits for periodic list cleaning or purchase some backup credits to avoid overages.

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