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What is is an email design platform with free drag-n-drop online email template tools. It has everything you need for creating email messages of any complexity fast, with no limits and no coding skills More than 500,000 companies use the Stripo platform: Netflix, Samsung, Bolt, Twitch, and so on. The solution is designed for email marketing teams and individuals to make email production easy. 

You can get inspiration due to a collection of 900+ fully responsive email templates for any industry and any purpose. There is a library of content modules to help you make an HTML email in just a few minutes. You can also use prebuilt modules or create and save your own ones. Additionally, the software provides automation of email production via synchronized modules. You can use them across multiple projects; update trigger emails directly in your ESP; build real-time content and edit it even after the email has been sent; create multiple product cards automatically by just pasting a link to your product. Features

Firstly,  Modules Library is an email template creator, which allows you to build email elements once — reuse across multiple campaigns. The platform has HTML & CSS Code Editor in addition to the Drag-n-Drop email builder. There are options to code emails from scratch, or edit and add custom elements to the emails that you create with our drag-n-drop builder. If you use D-n-D and HTML & CSS code editors simultaneously with no switching, you see the results of your work instantly. There are also export options that push emails to an ESP of your choice with 1 click. You download emails as PDF, and HTML files, or as an image and then export them to Outlook and Gmail for sending out to your contact base.

The newsletter builder offers over 900 fully responsive HTML email templates, thoroughly crafted by designers. You easily customize and use any for your future campaigns. AMP for Email enhances real-time and dynamic content to make emails more useful for clients. It is a new level of email gamification to improve user engagement. Information in emails gets updated the minute recipients open them. In this way, you share only fresh content with your users. Besides, you can improve customers’ engagement through gamification. Gamification helps you entertain your customers, learn more about their preferences, and build stronger relationships.

Data Protection users represent and warrant that their use of the Service will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. They are responsible for determining whether the Service is suitable for them to use in light of their obligations under any regulations like HIPAA, GLB, EU data privacy laws (including the General Data Protection Regulation) (collectively, «EU Data Privacy Laws»), United States export control laws and regulations and economic sanctions laws and regulations («U. S. Export Control Laws and Regulations»), or other applicable laws. If they are subject to regulations (like HIPAA) and they use the Service, then will not be liable if the Service doesn’t meet those requirements. They may not use the Service for any unlawful or discriminatory activities, including acts prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or other laws that apply to commerce. Users agree to indemnify and hold the platform harmless from any losses, including all legal fees and expenses, that result from their breach of this Section.


You can start with a free lifetime subscription to give a try to the basic features of the email editor. There are two ways of payment: monthly and annually. Beginners, small businesses, marketers, and designers can buy the Business plan for $12.50 per month. For freelancers, professional teams, and agencies, it is better to choose the Agency plan for $40 per month.

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The client is the king, which is especially true when working with SalesNash.

Equipped with industry-relevant experience, Sales Nash is able to set five appointments on average per week, meeting our expectations. The collaborative team leads weekly meetings to deliver updates and share their progress. The team's efficiency and professionalism are its highlights.

This engagement led to a significant increase in leads and contracts, exceeding our business goals. Sales Nash demonstrated a seamless workflow through regular meetings, reporting, and effective communication. Their strategy in providing quality results was impressive.

Hiring SalesNash was a great decision for us. They are handling a very time-consuming part of our sales process, which is allowing our sales reps to focus on contacting clients and closing the sales.