What is ContactOut ?

ContactOut is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses capture leads from LinkedIn. They scan the entire internet for emails and phone numbers. Artificial Intelligence technology provides matching contact information to a person with ease. The company is trusted by Google, J.P.Morgan, WarnerMedia, CNN, and much more.

ContactOut Features

ContactOut offers the Chrome extension that works on top of LinkedIn helping you find emails and phone numbers. It is also available on GitHub. You can save leads from Linkedin to your dashboard. Then you organize them into folders and share them with your team. There is a function to export to spreadsheet or ATS with one click. The system allows finding candidates directly using ContactOut’s search portal. There are unlimited searches to discover candidates that are not on LinkedIn.

Additionally, the solution has great tools for email campaigns. You can send emails while browsing LinkedIn using thereusable templates. It is possible to contact multiple people at once and follow up automatically.

Data Protection

ContactOut is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and USA privacy laws. The data they process has been made ‘manifestly public’ (GDPR Article 9.2(e)) by the data subject. They only crawl and index publicly available email addresses and phone numbers, such as those that are accessible from websites and social media. ContactOut has a ‘legitimate interest’ (GDPR Article 6.1(f)) in empowering recruiters to connect with candidates. You can request access to a copy of your personal information including purposes of the processing; categories of data processed; recipient(s) of data; length of time data is stored; and information on data transfers.

Their services run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a provider with the highest levels of security. The physical safety of data centers is guaranteed by 24/7 surveillance teams while state-of-the-art software security techniques protect your data from unwanted access. AWS infrastructure is highly resilient, constantly available, and thoroughly monitored. It satisfies many global security standards including ISO27001, SOC, PCI, and FedRAMP.

Moreover, ContactOut systematically uses HTTPS on and any of their subdomains. Any connection in HTTP gets redirected to its HTTPS counterpart. They also use the Key Management Service (KMS) through AWS, which employs industry best practices to ensure the safety of the keys used to encrypt your data.


You can start with a free version and get 50 contacts a month. In this case, it will work on standard LinkedIn only. However, there are two paid advance plans:

  • Professional ($99 /month)

It gives 300 contacts a month and works on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator.

  • Recruiter  ($199/month)

It gives 600 contacts a month and works on LinkedIn Recruiter Pro & all versions of LinkedIn.

You can also contact the sales team and get a 20 % off if you need a subscription for a big team.

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