Here is what we do for our clients

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We find best-fit potential customers, their contact data, and all the info our clients need. We do our research manually, to make sure all the data is accurate and up to date.

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We reach out to candidates for the vacancies our clients are working on, prequalify them and give all the data to their recruiters.

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We reach out to our client's potential customers, start the conversation, identify the level of interest, and schedule appointments with those that are interested.

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We provide a virtual assistant to take care of all of our client's back-office tasks - following up with clients and vendors, invoicing, calendar management, etc.

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We find candidates that are the right fit for vacancies our clients are working on, fast and at high volume.

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We build our client's sales development team from scratch, for their sales team to always have opportunities that fit their current focus and goals.

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Standard plans

Great solutions if you know what you are looking for

A dedicated researcher
$1800/ mo
  • Full-time researcher
  • 30-100 leads/candidates per day
  • Dedicated project manager
  • 99% accuracy

SDR team
$3000/ mo
  • 1 SDR and 1 researcher
  • Email, Linkedin and calling campaigns
  • 50+ leads contacted daily
  • 5-15 appointments per month

Extended SDR team
$4000/ mo
  • Everything from an SDR team
  • Additional researcher
  • Double volume of leads
  • 9-25 appointments per month