SalesNash, an award-winning B2B lead generation service, is aimed at empowering businesses with strategic appointment setting solutions customized to your needs. We believe in forging meaningful connections that drive success through impactful engagements.


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Dedicated Business Development Teams to Skyrocket Your Business

SalesNash understands that each business has its unique DNA – different challenges, goals, and market conditions. Utilizing best strategic outreach, we connect you with the key players in your target market. 

Whether it’s a startup looking to make its mark, an established business aiming to expand its customer base, or an enterprise-grade sales team seeking to optimize its lead generation processes, our strategies are customized to fit the specific needs and scales of different businesses. 

60 %
Avarage open rate
99 %
Accuracy in finding
the right customers
2 %
Conversion rate for
competitive industries

We always strive for the best

We’re not just about numbers – we create a seamless, transparent experience that leaves you completely satisfied. We handle the entire appointment scheduling process ourselves, so that every step is clear and every outcome meets your expectations. And if something doesn’t hit the mark? We’ll make it right, at no extra cost to you.

High Quality of

The key aspect of SalesNash lead generation process is meticulous data validation and replacement, ensuring 99% accuracy.

Experience & Expertise

Our team prioritize sales expertise, ensuring diverse skill sets through continuous training for optimal performance.

Comfortable Cooperation

Communication is provided by flexible toolsets, real-time Slack monitoring, and transparent processes for client integration.

Multichannel Outreach

SalesNash utilizes multichannel outreach for customized lead engagement to ensure its full efficiency to your projects.

Continuous Optimization

Our high priority is on continuous improvement through feedback and collaboration for 100% customer satisfcation.

Compliance & Security

We promise compliance with internet regulations like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and CASL, following global policies for lead generation.

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We think so, and we think more so if any of the following situations sound like something you’ve experienced:

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SalesNash helped Yodeck to build a channel sales funnel for the Europe market resulting in 40+ appointments settled​ and 80% open rates. Read Full Story

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SalesNash helps Productive get hot leads to close more deals resulting in 4,000+ cold leads and 32 appointments settled. Read Full Story

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Our appointment setting team

With our dedication to quality, strategic insight, and global expertise, we are committed to transforming your appointment setting processes, ensuring a significant increase in contracts that exceed your business goals.

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SalesNash clients say

"Sales Nash consistently thinks out of the box to improve campaign performance. Their strong project management skills and creative execution have generated high-quality leads that we are confident will convert to revenue. We appreciate their ongoing efforts to refine and adapt our strategy, ensuring our outreach remains effective."
"Sales Nash excels at targeting different roles within the same company with tailored, challenge-specific messages. I was impressed with how effectively they segmented our outreach, personalized communications, and consistently sourced accurate data. Their smooth process management throughout has truly stood out."

Contact us now to start leveraging our bespoke sales appointment setting services and take the first step towards unprecedented growth and success.

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SalesNash customers also ask

In most cases, we could have your project up and running in around 1.5 weeks after agreement signature. If you want it faster, we can speed this up and launch within 5 business days.

From our experience running hundreds and hundreds of outreach campaigns, 1-2% of the leads are converted into the appointments. This means, for every 500 leads, you should be expecting 5 to 10 appointments. However, there are competitive industries, where 0,5% conversion is a really good result.

We hand-pick only the leads that make sense, matching your ideal customer profile and parameters. This includes job titles to draw in decision-makers, checking email addresses with no room for doubt, and verifying these through cross-referencing with LinkedIn, among other tools, to be sure we get it right. This way, we guarantee the leads we come up with are not just relevant but of the highest quality.

In most cases, outreach can be kicked-off within the first or second week once everything is set up. Depending on the complexity of your market, you may see some quick-shoot responses – in some cases as early as the second week of outreach.

You do. Once we find leads for you, they’re yours to keep. We make this clear in our agreements, ensuring transparency and giving you full control over the leads we find.

After a lead has shown interest, we schedule the appointment based on the available slots in your calendar. We also send a reminder to confirm the appointment nearer the appointment date. If the lead cancels or turns out to be unavailable, we’ll follow up and reschedule well ahead just to make sure the appointment takes place.