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For highly productive recruiters that need more candidates for vacancies they are working on

A dedicated sourcing team​

SalesNash provides dedicated sourcing teams to dozens of recruitment teams worldwide.

Considering that our clients are highly productive recruiters, they need somebody to take care of the research routine, for them to focus on qualifying candidates and running interviews.

We assign a dedicated research team to find all the candidates that fit their requirements, get their contact information and any additional information that might be required, and get that to our client in a form of a list. To make sure we deliver, our research is being done manually, while our research managers check the quality of data every day.

  • No research routine for your recruiters
  • Fast and accurate research for your vacancies
  • More vacancies your team can work on at the same time

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Hiring SalesNash was a great decision for us. They are handling a very time-consuming part of our sales process, which is allowing our sales reps to focus on contacting clients and closing the sales.

Our pricing plans
$1800Dedicated sourcer
  • 1 dedicated sourcer
  • 30+ candidates found per day
  • A dedicated project manager
$3200Sourcing team
  • Everything from the dedicated sourcer
  • Additional sourcer
  • Double volume of Candidates
CustomTailored to your needs
  • Custom number of sourcers
  • Custom pricing
  • Best value
  • Exact number of candidates you need
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