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Are you frustrated with the endless hunt for qualified candidates? SalesNash service directly addresses the crucial challenges in the recruitment process, offering a streamlined and effective solution for busy professionals. 

Scalable data scraping process

99% private contact data accuracy

Nuanced search for even the most complex vacancies


Enhancement of Your Recruiting Efficiency

SalesNash’s candidate sourcing service is designed to supercharge the productivity of recruitment teams by handling the intricate research process, allowing them to concentrate on candidate qualification and interviews.

SalesNash deploys specialized research teams dedicated to your specific needs, ensuring that every potential candidate is not only a match in terms of skills and experience but also aligns with your company’s culture and values. Our expertise spans across various key technical domains, ensuring that we can serve a wide range of recruitment needs:

Software Development

SEO Analysis

Clean Code Practices

Web Development

Cyber Security

App Development


Benefits of Partnering with SalesNash

  • Speed Coupled with Accuracy

SalesNash’s manual research approach, underpinned by our team’s deep expertise and robust methodologies, ensures not only rapid delivery of candidate lists but also maintains an exceptional standard of accuracy, exceeding 99%. This dual focus on speed and precision means that you receive a reliable, high-quality range of candidates quickly, enabling you to stay ahead in the competitive recruitment world.

  • Amplified Recruitment Capacity

With the demanding and time-consuming task of candidate research delegated to our capable hands, your team can efficiently allocate their time and resources to a larger number of vacancies. This scalability in handling multiple roles simultaneously does not compromise the quality of the recruitment process. Instead, it leads to an overall boost in productivity, allowing your organization to capitalize on more opportunities, fill vacancies faster, and ultimately drive stronger business growth.

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Our Pricing Plan

1800$Dedicated sourcer
  • 1 dedicated sourcer
  • 30+ candidates found per day
  • A dedicated project manager
3200$Sourcing team
  • Everything from the Standard
  • Additional sourcer
  • Double volume of candidates
CustomTailored to your needs
  • Custom number of sourcers
  • Custom pricing
  • Best value
  • Exact number of candidates you need
[ Process ]

How candidate sourcing services work for you

In-Depth Consultation

We start with a detailed consultation to fully understand your specific needs.

Targeted Research

A specialized team conducts focused research and thorough evaluation to identify candidates that match your requirements.

Candidate Submissions

The process concludes with the supply of a vetted, high-quality list of candidates, ensuring accuracy and relevance to your needs.

[ Who we are ]

Our sourcing team

From the initial consultation to understand your specific needs, to the integration of candidates into your team, we are there every step of the way. Our goal is to make the recruitment journey as smooth and efficient as possible for our clients.

Step into the future of recruitment with SalesNash, where the pursuit of excellence seamlessly blends with unmatched efficiency. Contact us today and discover the ideal candidates tailored to your unique needs.

We used SalesNash to help research and identify strong candidates for specific executive search project. We delivered better results to our clients with the information received from Sales Nash. The team was very attentive, accommodating, and enjoyable to work with. They were adaptable and willing to change to meet our evolving requirements.

[ FAQ ]

Embrace the future of recruiting with SalesNash

inbound marketing

SalesNash covers a wide range of technical and specialized roles. These include, but are not limited to, software development, app development, cyber security, SEO analysis, and web development

Absolutely, our teams are equipped to handle multiple vacancies simultaneously. This capability allows us to support large-scale recruitment drives without compromising on the quality or speed of our service.

We maintain accuracy by conducting in-depth, manual verification of every candidate’s details, supported by daily quality assessments from our research managers.

At SalesNash, client satisfaction is crucial. If the candidates sourced do not align with your expectations, we are committed to making necessary revisions and adjustments.

By handling the time-consuming research process, we free up your team to focus on more strategic areas like candidate engagement, interviews, and decision-making. This not only speeds up the recruitment cycle but also enhances the overall quality and efficiency of your recruitment strategy.

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