SalesNash Creates Successful Outbound Lead Generation Channel for Biovision Diagnostics.

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About Biovision Diagnostics

Biovision Diagnostics is a registered medical laboratory that specializes in diagnostic testing services and special tests. Their goal is to improve precision medicine and enhance people’s lives through accurate and reliable diagnostic solutions. Biovision offers a wide range of swab tests for COVID-19, stomach diseases, STI, and more.

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Biovision Diagnostics approached SalesNash to help them establish a robust B2B outbound channel and expand their customer base. Prior to our collaboration, Biovision had relied on door-to-door outreach for their marketing efforts. Recognizing the need for a more scalable and efficient approach, SalesNash built an outbound lead generation system from scratch. 

By leveraging email campaigns, LinkedIn outreach, and phone calls, we successfully created a comprehensive outbound outreach channel that enabled Biovision to target various verticals, including hospitals, prisons, pharmacies, and non-profit organizations. This shift from door-to-door outreach to a multi-channel strategy brought significant improvements to Biovision’s lead generation and customer acquisition efforts.


During the execution of the project, our team faced several challenges:

Given the vast market, the team had to employ creative strategies to identify the right leads. This involved filtering out suitable companies and targeting specific roles and designations. In certain cases, specialized verticals required extensive research using tools such as Google Maps or focused geographic targeting due to the local nature of Biovision’s services.

Crafting effective templates was a challenge, as we needed to promote Biovision’s services with scientifically-driven messages. We had to strike a balance between scientific accuracy and engaging content.

Biovision wanted leads from various verticals, which meant we had to engage multiple markets simultaneously. This required generating different content and involving our lead generation team to reach out to diverse types of companies.

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The timing of our efforts was crucial. We strategically aligned our outreach campaigns with the seasonal demand for specific tests, enabling us to maximize impact. By targeting verticals at the right time, when the need for certain tests was high, we ensured that Biovision's message reached the right audience when they were most receptive.

Unique Offer

Biovision's unique offering, especially in the context of limited alternatives, contributed to its success. Also, by providing COVID-19 testing covered by Medicaid programs, we enabled facilities like Homeless Shelters and Hospices to offer free testing to their patients.

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The client achieved a closure rate within the range of scheduled appointments.

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