SalesNash Set Up Facebook Ads For Buildmart

Buildmart is a Canadian firm established in 2005 focuses on expert installations of high-quality windows and doors.

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Summary of Facebook Ads Campaign for Buildmart

A local family-owned business in Ottawa wanted to boost summer sales of their top-notch windows and doors. They usually got customers through good Google Reviews and word-of-mouth.

But with more competitors online, they needed a new plan. So, we suggested a Facebook ads campaign. We aimed to reach more people using Facebook’s wide reach and precise targeting. This way, we hoped to bring in more customers and increase sales during the busy summer season.

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Facebook Ad Campaign

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Solutions for Effective Advertising

Buildmart is a case of complex, multi-channel marketing, which includes everything: Web dev, CRM Implementation, SEO, local SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Copywriting, Social Media and Design. Our team started out with testing and measuring our cost per acquisition across a number of channels and soon discovered that video ads on Facebook work best; that’s why we focused our strategy on this approach.

We planned a Facebook ads strategy for our client. We created catchy ads to show off their windows and doors to more people on Facebook. We used Facebook’s big reach to send people straight to our client’s website and get them interested. During the campaign, we watched how well the ads were doing and changed them to work better. We ran lots of different ads over a few weeks to reach as many potential customers as possible on Facebook metrics.

Driven Results for Buildmart by SalesNash

From earning around 64,000 CAD a month previously, the company experienced a remarkable surge to 168,000 CAD in June 2023. Then, Buildmart’s sales reached more than 100,000 CAD in both July and August. These impressive results were achieved solely from clients discovering the company through a Facebook Ad Campaign. Comparatively, just a year before, the company had earned approximately 48,000 CAD in August. Fast forward a year later, and we helped them reach a staggering $100,000! ROI? A remarkable 20 times!


As a result of this surge in business, numerous satisfied customers are now enjoying the beauty of their new windows and doors. Even during the typically slow winter season, when installing windows in Ottawa’s harsh -23°C wind chill is challenging, the company is consistently generating a minimum of 40,000 CAD per month. 

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