SalesNash Helps Buildmart Get Organic SEO Traffic

Buildmart is a Canadian company founded in 2005 that specializes in quality window and door installations.

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Summary of SEO Campaign for Buildmart

A local Ottawa-based family-owned business with a strong reputation sought our assistance in increasing their sales of windows and doors, particularly during the bustling summer season. Until now, they usually got customers from Google Reviews, happy customers’ recommendations, and people talking about them. But, as competitors surged ahead using online platforms and took away some of their customers, they realized it was necessary to change tactics.

Windows & Doors Sales


Ottawa, Canada


Solutions for Effective SEO

The SalesNash team knows a lot about making businesses more popular online. We made a plan for our client to write lots of helpful articles about windows and doors. Then, our specialist found other websites to link to our client’s website. This made our client’s website more important on the internet, which we checked using a tool called Ahrefs. Our content writer wrote more than 46 articles for our client’s website, using the words he suggested to make sure people can find them easily. We did this over a few weeks.

Driven Results for Buildmart by SalesNash SEO Campaign

From earning around $5,000 a month previously, the company experienced a remarkable surge to $58,000 in June 2023, followed by surpassing $100,000 in both July and August. These impressive results were achieved solely from clients discovering the company through organic searches on Google.

Increased Online Visibility

We made the website show up higher in Google searches, so more people can find you and interact it.

Improved Brand Credibility

It helped the website stand out in searches and look more trustful for clients.

More Targeted Traffic

SEO boosts the website's visibility to potential customers the lead to growth in Buildmart's profit.

Comparatively, just a year before, the company had earned approximately $6,000 in August. Fast forward a year later, and we helped them reach a staggering $100,000! The return on investment? A remarkable 20 times!

This surge in business has led to a plethora of delighted clients benefiting from beautiful windows and doors. Even during the typically slow winter season, where installing windows in Ottawa’s harsh -23°C wind chill isn’t easy, the company is now generating a minimum of $20,000 per month. In fact, February 2024 saw a record-breaking revenue of $182,000.

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