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CDS Global Cloud, a dynamic multinational corporation, operates with a pivotal focus on improving global connectivity. While they offer a broad range of solutions, including SD-WAN, IaaS, SASE, and Bare Metal, their cornerstone service remains the Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution. This service is specifically designed to enhance the connectivity of international companies, facilitating robust, faster, and more secure links with their Chinese counterparts.

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SalesNash partnered with the U.S. division of CDS to bolster their outreach and lead generation activities. Given CDS’s diverse array of products and services, both teams collaborated closely throughout the project. This involved thorough market analysis, strategic planning, and the execution of various experimental campaigns. The objective was to schedule an ample number of appointments and discover potential customers, focusing on enterprise-level outreach through multifaceted approaches such as personalized and account-based marketing strategies.


Engaging with large enterprises presented significant challenges, including difficulty in scheduling calls and convincing potential clients to reconsider their existing operations.

Tailoring messages for different campaigns, considering the variety of services and products offered, required extensive A/B testing and market research.

Identifying and reaching out to the appropriate decision-makers, particularly those overseeing China operations, demanded comprehensive, targeted research.


Strategic Alignment

Our collaboration began with establishing a strategic roadmap, with an emphasis on DIA, IaaS, and Bare Metal solutions. This phase included detailed planning for tests targeting various customer profiles and messaging. Regular coordination meetings and shared project management tools enabled a deep integration of SalesNash within CDS’s operational framework, facilitating joint brainstorming sessions and idea exchanges.

Email Outreach Campaigns

  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Campaign: Our email campaign for DIA solutions was strategically focused on a specific market segment: Fortune 5000 companies with staff numbers exceeding 5,000. This selective targeting was not merely a matter of scale but also a reflection of the substantial deal sizes typically involved with such prominent organizations. Engaging with these large enterprises presented a distinctive challenge. Such organizations are often vast and complex, with multiple decision-makers and a web of internal processes. To get our message across in this crowded and competitive environment, we implemented a well-thought-out approach. It was crucial to communicate in a way that not only stood out but also spoke directly to the high-level needs of these companies.
  • Bare Metal Solutions: The email campaign targeting the Bare Metal solutions segment was crafted to engage a distinct group within the telecommunications industry. Our aim was to connect with smaller-sized Bare Metal companies, a niche yet vital part of the market. Engaging smaller Bare Metal companies required a different tact compared to larger enterprises. These businesses often operate with leaner teams and may face different operational pressures. Thus our messaging was direct, clear, and highly relevant, addressing the specific pain points and opportunities unique to these organizations. This campaign was particularly successful, boasting a 30% open rate and 10-15 appointments per month, eventually leading to its scaling down due to its overwhelming success.
  • Mirror Hosting Services: The target was companies looking for robust hosting solutions, particularly those seeking to enhance their global online presence. We tailored our email communications to highlight the unique benefits of our Mirror Hosting Services. The focus was on how these services could provide enhanced global connectivity and reliability, crucial for businesses operating in various international markets. This targeted approach resulted in a steady engagement rate, with the campaign yielding 1-3 appointments monthly. While these numbers might appear modest, they were significant considering the highly specialized nature of the service and the scale of the companies we were engaging with. This campaign was also instrumental in providing insights into the market, helping us to refine and streamline our strategies for future campaigns.

Research Methodologies

  • We employed a combination of advanced boolean searches and other manual research techniques. This involved sifting through vast amounts of data to identify companies meeting our criteria.
  • A significant part of our research included identifying companies located in key business hubs within China, such as Chengdu-IFS. We also looked for indicators of a need for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions, which would complement our DIA offerings.
  • For Bare Metal providers in the United States, the goal was to find companies that might benefit from our solutions, either to enhance their own operations or to better serve their clients. The research involved identifying companies that might be experiencing strain on their servers or looking to expand their capacity without the overhead of additional infrastructure.
  • The culmination of this research was not merely a list of companies and contacts. It was a comprehensive understanding of the potential needs and challenges faced by these businesses. This informed not just who we contacted, but how we approached them, tailoring our messaging to reflect the insights gained from our research.

LinkedIn Outreach Efforts

Initially slow, LinkedIn outreach gained momentum as we refined our understanding of the value proposition and messaging. This outreach channel complemented our email campaigns. Key strategies included:

  • Targeting and Engagement: We conducted experiments to determine which job titles were most likely to accept connections and engage with our content. This involved a multi-step campaign designed to interact actively with prospects’ profiles, including likes and reposts.
  • Profile Activities: By generating consistent activity and posting relevant content, we aimed to enhance the credibility of our profiles, fostering trust among our connections.

The results of these efforts were encouraging, with an average acceptance rate of 15-20% and a response rate of approximately 40% from those who accepted our connection requests.

Driven Results

Despite occasional challenges, our primary metric of success remained the client’s satisfaction. We effectively scheduled a substantial number of appointments, adapting to various research requirements and staying open to pioneering new approaches proposed by CDS. Appointment Scheduling: Averaged 4 large enterprise appointments and 5-7 smaller company appointments monthly, with a peak of 20 appointments in one month. Prospect Generation: Consistently generated around 2,000 prospects per month. Email Campaign Success: Maintained a 90% email deliverability score and a 25% open rate for enterprise emails. LinkedIn Engagement: Achieved an average LinkedIn acceptance rate of 20%.

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