SalesNash Helps Concordia University Streamline Outbound Efforts for KoolReplay Project.

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About Concordia University project

Concordia University’s subsidiary project, KoolReplay, leverages the power of the Internet of Things to create a seamless process for capturing and sharing photos and videos in the entertainment industry.

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Building Sales Team

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SalesNash built a comprehensive outbound sales channel for Concordia University’s KoolReplay software, with the goal of increasing sales and driving growth. The team’s focus on generating sales opportunities within the entertainment industry, including amusement parks and zip lines, resulted in a successful marketing strategy. Working closely with the KoolReplay team, SalesNash developed and enriched the outbound plan, leading to improved sales results.


The KoolReplay project presented a significant research challenge for the SalesNash team. Due to an extensive DNC list and difficulty in finding leads within the target companies, research had to be done manually using Google Maps and three different platforms. The team tested various methods to optimize their approach and ensure accurate research.

Personalization was a key request from the client, requiring tailored messaging for each niche within the entertainment industry. SalesNash utilized snippets and adjusted messages based on research findings to create unique messaging for each specific niche.

The entertainment industry has a short peak season, requiring swift action from the SalesNash team to make the most of sales opportunities. The team worked efficiently to execute sales operations before the high season ended.


Primary Stage

To kickstart the project, SalesNash scheduled a kickoff meeting to streamline all the details and expedite the onboarding stage. We began by outlining the first industries to target, which were amusement parks and zip lines. The client shared initial contact data with our team, which we then verified and expanded.

Main Stage

Meanwhile, our tech and content teams prepared all the necessary resources for the outreach campaign. Once KoolReplay gave us the green light and the campaign was fully customized, we launched the outreach. The first campaign took about four business days to set up for both LinkedIn and email channels.

As we analyzed the campaigns and conducted A/B tests on messages and subject lines, we drilled down to the amusement parks that corresponded to our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for high-volume outreach. We also tried testing different geographical locations by adding European amusement parks to the list.

Final Stage

After several campaign analyses, we decided to focus more on the ziplines campaign as it generated more appointments for our customer, and we already knew the pain points to outline in our emails and LinkedIn messages. We also added more industries into the mix, targeting other entertainment facilities that were in demand for video software. Our approach was to cast a wide net, but we were careful to ensure the messaging was personalized and unique to each specific niche.

Driven Results

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of SalesNash’s tailored approach to outbound sales and their ability to drive growth for their clients.

  • Over the course of the quarter, the team successfully booked appointments with potential customers within the entertainment industry, including amusement parks and zip lines.
  • In addition, the lead generation team generated a substantial number of unique contacts, allowing for the expansion of the customer’s internal database.

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