Constant Content decided to hire SalesNash to set up the outbound lead generation process.

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About Constant Content

Constant Content is a content creation service that specializes in creating high-quality, unique content for businesses. ConCon has pioneered the business having started 10 years ago and grown to one of the largest and most established marketplaces for high-quality, original, SEO friendly content.

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Copywriting Services is a niche where the supply is exceeding the demand so you always have to stay active and resourceful. That’s why Constant Content decided to hire SalesNash to set up the outbound lead generation process.


There’s over a thousand of companies and services offering copywriting which means that inbound efforts wouldn’t be enough, you have to build an effective outbound process to be the first to snatch potential customers, and don’t forget about in-house built teams.

You never know for sure what would work out best for you, so experiments are vital. The client needed a team capable of exploring new areas like playing with industries and geography.

When it comes to the outreach you’ve got to be sure that your SDRs will be able to process all the data, manage every follow-up wave and not get snowed under, which is impossible without the right set of tools and a fine-tuned reporting system.


Setting Up the Lead Generation Process

If you want to get the most out of the research process you have to provide your researcher with the very explicit Ideal Customer Profile. At the very beginning of the project, the requirements were very specific. Having more experience with American e-commerce companies, the client wanted to target this exact vertical.

Proceeding to the Outreach

After having created a fly-away number of prospects and approved with the client every outreach aspect starting with email cadence and ending with white-label workers’ personal data, we started mailing and getting first results. With highly personalized templates we reached out to Heads of Content Development and Managing Editors. We achieved 40%+ open-rate for cold emails with 5% response rate plus great stats from the LinkedIn campaign. However, the vast majority of replies were negative so it was decided to play with the criteria a bit.

Time for Experiments

Starting off with adding other English-speaking countries to the geography we noticed some positive dynamics in the number of email opens and responses so the client allowed us to switch the research to other industries. Thus we’ve come to embrace lots of new fields from grocery shops to software development companies. A very important part was A/B testing of different subject lines and email body parts.

Control Over Details

It’s a common problem with sales development companies that outsourced SDRs omit micromanagement of prospects that asked to follow up them later or just not sure enough that it is of interest right now – we make sure our team creates a system of reminders to follow up the prospects whose replies are not completely negative. Also, an important moment is a LinkedIn follow-up sequence as it allows to involve the prospects that were non-responsive via email.

Driven Results

Creating an experimental campaign helped increase the metrics significantly. And we are currently working on a new campaign.

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