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About DSQ Technology LLC

DSQ Technology LLC (Discovery Software) is an automated software platform designed for waste and recycling managers and brokers.  It was built to unlock data lost in invoices, contracts, sensors, and other disparate data sources. By aggregating this data and applying modern machine-learning practices, Discovery empowers people and business to make the ideal operational decision in real time, informed by real data points.

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The client required very precise leads data within a narrow industry for two separate products. For their Discovery platform, SalesNash had to research waste management companies that deal with bill auditing. Other leads had to come from compactor monitor installers, who are likely to be interested in Pioneer platform, another client’s product.   


Since the data we required called for researching a niche industry, i.e. waste management, our team faced a couple of challenges:

You need to focus on specific types of companies in the following segments: 

  • bill auditing waste management companies;
  •  medical waste disposal companies; 
  • hazardous waste disposal companies; 
  • compactor monitor installers.

Adhering to the strict location bound for each specific niche and product: Canada, USA and areas where US military bases are located.

They required a manual verification of each and every single lead/account, including additional data points, such as direct phone numbers.


Onboarding Stage

At this stage, SalesNash team prepared everything for a successful research. The first step was to sync up with DSQ’s team to discuss the specifics of required leads: companies to research, geography and must-have information. We also chose the best platforms for search that let us get direct phone numbers and agreed on the time for weekly meetings with the client to keep track of the progress. When the test batch of leads for the initial research target was ready - the team got the greenlight and proceeded with the further lead generation.

Main Stage

The initial research was devoted to bill auditing waste management companies. For the first few batches of leads, the client provided the feedback that allowed us to adapt research criteria and improve the results with each new batch. Then, it was decided to extend geography and add more types of companies to the parameters of search. These were medical waste disposal companies, hazardous waste disposal companies and compactor monitor installers.

All the while our team kept on shifting search parameters, playing with keywords to get best-fit companies. Even when it came to working on two searches simultaneously (for both products), the challenge was addressed successfully. Throughout the research, our team had regular sync-ups with the Discovery team, so the research parameters were always in line with the client's feedback.

Driven Results

The results achieved over the course of the project allowed our customers to keep the sales pipeline busy and get solid leads. On the whole, SalesNash team’s efforts resulted with 2200 leads and 800 – companies.


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