The SalesNash Strategy Helps To Elevating Gencove's Genomic Reach

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About Gencove

Gencove is at the forefront of genomic discovery, offering high-volume, cost-sensitive sequencing solutions as a service. Their innovative software is designed for a broad spectrum of clients, including academic, agriculture, biotech, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical companies. Specializing in both human and plant & animal genomics, Gencove empowers its partners to unlock life-saving genomic information.





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Faced with the challenge of penetrating highly specialized markets, Gencove sought a partner adept at navigating the complexities of genomics and genetics outreach. SalesNash stepped up with a bespoke strategy aimed at identifying and engaging key decision-makers across various sectors, thus enhancing Gencove’s market presence.


Our primary task was to generate high-quality leads within the precise niche of genomics and genetics, a sector where the right contacts are crucial for success.

The diversity of Gencove’s potential clients meant that our outreach had to be meticulously customized. Each segment – healthcare, biotech, pharma, agriculture, and academia – required a unique approach to highlight Gencove’s solutions effectively.

Gencove needed a robust, multi-step outreach plan that could adapt to various communication channels and decision-maker preferences.


Onboarding and Strategy

Our initial collaboration began with in-depth discussions to align SalesNash’s outbound processes with Gencove’s objectives. We meticulously defined target groups, established a quality verification process for leads, and set up a comprehensive reporting system. 

The campaign kicked off focusing on the healthcare sector, subsequently expanding to biotech, pharma, agriculture, and academic sectors. Our approach included crafting tailored messages for email, LinkedIn, and phone calls, ensuring a coherent and impactful outreach across all channels.

Targeting and Segmentation

Initially concentrating on the healthcare system in the US, our scope gradually broadened to include biotech and pharma companies, focusing on individuals in scientist roles or those managing genomics. The expansion into the agricultural segment and academia allowed us to introduce Gencove’s plant and animal genomics solutions to a wider audience.

Project Impact

The strategic segmentation and personalized outreach campaigns were instrumental in achieving an average of 15 appointments per month. Our ability to fine-tune our approach based on industry feedback and performance metrics was key to the project’s success.

Driven Results

Over the first quarter, our efforts yielded impressive results:

  • Generated 3,500 unique prospects within the genomics/genetics field.
  • Secured 45 appointments, maintaining an open rate of over 40%.

The collaboration between SalesNash and Gencove demonstrates the power of targeted, strategic outreach in unlocking new opportunities in the niche sector of genomics. By understanding the unique needs of each segment and leveraging our expertise in multi-channel communication, we were able to significantly enhance Gencove’s market presence and contribute to their mission of driving genomic discovery.

For businesses looking to navigate the complexities of their industries and reach key decision-makers, SalesNash offers the expertise and strategic approach necessary to achieve tangible results. Contact us to learn how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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