SalesNash helps Hubilo streamline research operations with a complex ICP.

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About Hubilo

Hubilo is the event tech platform that makes it easy to bring people together — anywhere, anytime. Their team of experts and platform of technological innovation help event planners and organizations across the world reimagine the future of events and navigate the ever-changing event landscape. 

Hubilo provides a virtual venue for organizations to provide an engaging and interactive event experience to their global audience and transform the way people connect, interact, and host events. 

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San Francisco, California


Lead Generation

Campaign type


The client requires a very precise and neat lead generation process for its outbound sales to thrive. Hubilo had a need for a specific range of prospects and their data in order to establish successful outreach campaigns. SalesNash dedicated researchers joined the Hubilo sales team to cover emerging demands. Basically, we assigned 2 researchers to work on the project, who managed to provide accurate segmented search. 


We had to follow the client’s criteria as for the types and number of events a company sets up (with a minimum number of events per year).

The main focus was on the MEA / APAC region, which are difficult to search due to the language barrier.

10% of the lead generation quota had to include personal phone numbers, yet lots of common tools that work perfectly for other regions fail when it comes to getting such info within the MEA / APAC region.


Initial Stage

Hubilo hired us to take over the whole lead generation process. Before starting any prospect research it is essential to make a thorough and at the same time swift industry analysis. So we explored a bunch of potential niches, elaborated the possible leads targeting, narrowed down the ICP, prepared the most effective tools and chose the relevant sources. Eventually, Hubilo got a test lead list after which we started the whole campaign.

Main Stage

From the start, we were focused on 3 types of companies: associations, corporates (financial, pharma, management consulting) and event service companies. We also segmented the geography and searched for leads within the chosen regions on a daily basis.

While running the lead generation process, we had to extract very specific data which was important for the sales outreach. It included the number of employees at a company, titles, numbers and types of events, personal phone numbers of the people in charge, etc. Definitely, collecting such information requires manual, accurate research which we successfully coped with.

Driven Results

Head of Marketing at Hubilo

Hiring SalesNash was a great decision for us at Hubilo. They provided us with highly accurate leads, which resulted in a 10% increase of our response rate”

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