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About LeFort Talent Group

LeFort Talent Group is a boutique recruiting firm specializing in the animation, video games, VFX, marketing and digital entertainment industries. They have been in this industry for over 20 years and specialize in finding and hiring executives in this field.

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Building Recruiting Team

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LeFort Talent Group works in animation, video games, VFX, marketing and digital production and cooperates with major studios known worldwide with offices in Canada, the USA and Europe. The film industry is very busy and competitive, so they usually need to fill multiple roles at the same time and coordinate them for the follow up and final interviews with the Client, which can take time. They needed to expand their team of recruiters fast to help them with sourcing, outreaching candidates, pre-screening and coordinating. For this reason, SalesNash team of specialists was hired.


The industry is specifically niche and highly competitive: niche experience, narrow geography (Canada, mainly Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver; sometimes areas close to the big cities; sometimes the USA), so our Sourcing team had to study each candidate precisely.

Engagement Specialist should deeply understand the industry to handle pre-screening as being able to answer candidates’ questions back, especially when dealing with Executive role or highly-experienced candidates.

Within LTG project SalesNash was working on different Digital Entertainment roles as well as Executive ones (HOD), which were challenging to search (due to specific criteria), reach out (as they’re usually employed and predominantly busy), conduct pre-screening/interview (as they may be reluctant to answer questions or agree to move to the next interview stage), arrange a meeting with the Client (as their schedule is mostly booked).​

As it was mentioned above, the industry is highly competitive, so it was very important to follow all updates of the Client, change sourcing criteria, search, reach out and present candidates pretty fast, learn new requirements and specific of roles. The competitors do it the same as fast so it was important to be able to change priorieties as soon as they had appeared (new sourcing campaigns, new content, new questions for pre-screening).


Initial Stage

  • Constant sync-ups with the Client (to make the workflow at most streamlined);
  • Our sourcing team started working on the vacancies and delivered potential candidates on a regular basis. The most accurate platforms and software were selected to search for all possible information and not to miss a single candidate, as well as on the job sites and LinkedIn Recruiter. All candidates were precisely checked and sticked to the given requirements from the Client. Basically, there were such vacancies on the list: VFX Producer, VFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor, EnvGen Supervisor, Lead Animator, HOD Surfacing and others;
  • Content for outreaching campaigns was created. SalesNash team was focusing on creating different messages for different roles, especially for Executive ones;
  • Scripts for pre-screening interviews were created based on the requirements from the Client;
  • There were conducted a few training sessions with the recruitment team of the Client to learn the specifics of the industry and questions which are generally asked by candidates;
  • Finally, a reporting system was developed and checked with the Client.

Main Stage

Communication with the Client and their team:

  • Close communication with the client during each stage of work (sourcing, reaching out, pre-screening of candidates, follow up and final interviews);
  • Regular meetings with Client’s team (weekly meetings with team recruiters);
  • Cooperation with Client’s team of recruiters (reaching out to candidates that the Client’s team asked, sourced candidates for them, common sync-ups, participating in general meetings to be up to date for all of the changes, attending training and development meetings);

New ways of sourcing

  • During the process, we constantly adapted the research criteria for better results, used different keywords and improved the quality of candidates. With each new batch of candidates, our team got detailed feedback about each candidate and adapted research criteria accordingly. As an example, SalesNash team managed to create a list of candidates for one of the most challenging positions: Head of Production for pre-school animation with 15+ years experience in the VFX industry;

Content adaptation

  • During the recruiting process content was continuously updated: we were trying different messages depending on the seniority level of a candidate we were working with; used different subject lines; A/B testing was implemented to find our which outreach message works the best to attract needed candidates;

Final interviews coordination

  • Aside from outreaching potential candidates and conducting pre-screening on a regular basis Engagement Specialist was coordinating interview process with Client’s customers (SalesNash’s team was full-fledged part of Lefort Talent Group company and adapting to fast changes of vacancies, updating all the data as it was needed;

Report system improvement

  • Constant updating of the report system which enabled us to track candidates with the most efficient way.

Driven Results


pre-screening interviews


candidates to the Client (which were invited for the final interview)

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