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About Logistaas

Logistaas, a top player in digitalizing transportation management systems (TMS), leads the way in global freight forwarding digitization. With a mission to streamline operations, foster scalable growth, and excel in technology-driven supply chains, primarily in sea transportation, Logistaas turned to SalesNash for expertise in establishing a robust outbound outreach channel.

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SalesNash helped Logistaas craft an effective outbound outreach strategy through email and LinkedIn campaigns. Targeting a diverse global market, ranging from small businesses to enterprise-scale enterprises, the team overcame language barriers by creating multi-lingual templates. This effort resulted in a consistent monthly appointment booking accomplishment within the first five months.


The primary challenge involved devising effective strategies for prospects already engaged but open to a switch. Convincing them to explore Logistaas’ superior software through a quick call was the linchpin of success.

Operating in a multilingual landscape, including Spanish, required deft handling of diverse templates and coordination with the client for seamless bilingual communication.

Researching global transportation and logistics companies dealing specifically with water or air cargo presented its own set of challenges – from varied languages to regional nuances and manual research efforts.


Project Commencement and Strategy

The project kicked off with a client product demo, providing SalesNash with a deeper understanding of Logistaas' offerings. Meticulously handling tech setup and content preparation, the team engaged in weekly sync-up calls. Initial outreach in Europe brought positive results, prompting the addition of referral campaigns and expansion into Latin America and the Middle East, significantly boosting appointment rates.

Refinement of Target Audience

Initially focusing on the European market with key decision-makers, SalesNash adapted its strategy when encountering prospects with existing solutions. This led to an expansion of geographic targets, including small companies in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, China, and Canada. The research scope broadened to identify companies without existing solutions.

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