Elevating a Marketing Agency's Client Acquisition Success

The agency specializes in digital marketing with a focus on producing engaging video content.

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Summary of Campaign for Marketing Agency

The agency specializes has a focus on producing engaging video content to lower customer acquisition costs and excel in lead generation techniques. In a fiercely competitive digital marketing landscape, our mission was to help this marketing agency differentiate itself and secure a larger client base. Our approach needed to be twofold: enhancing direct sales and establishing channel sales to onboard partners.

Standing out in a saturated market full of digital marketing agencies was a considerable challenge. Dual Focus was in navigating the complexities of simultaneously pursuing direct sales and channel sales to attract partners.



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Partnership Campaign

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The client onboarding process was seamless, providing us with all the essential information needed to begin our research and content preparation for future outreach. We conducted two preparatory meetings – the kick-off call and a discovery session to discuss lead details and content strategy. Our initial outreach focused on the U.S. market, employing generic direct sales templates, with specifics on industries kept confidential under NDAs.

In March, we initiated our outreach campaign through direct sales emails and LinkedIn templates. The first month saw an impressive open rate exceeding 45%, a 9% response rate, and the scheduling of initial appointments. Despite good performance, the need for improvement was apparent due to a seasonal decline in positive responses.

To counteract this, we launched a separate Partnership Campaign to expand our outreach horizontally and vertically. This strategy significantly increased our open rate to around 70%, boosted our response rates, and most importantly, resulted in more positive engagements and scheduled appointments.

Identifying an effective approach for our Partnership Campaign was our biggest hurdle. We experimented with various messaging styles to find the right one that yielded positive responses via email and LinkedIn, and secured appointments. Our target was advertising agencies in the UK and US, many of whom already had lead generation solutions for their clients, necessitating a smarter, more convincing approach for collaboration.

Driven Results for Marketing Agency by SalesNash

Over three months, we explored direct sales campaigns, partnership campaigns, and referrals. The partnership and referral approaches proved most successful, delivering the desired results. Our client segmentation remained consistent, focusing on advertising agencies in the UK and US.

From March to May 2023, we managed to schedule 37 appointments15 from direct sales and 22 through partnership opportunities. 

Our dedicated approach to addressing the unique needs of a digital marketing agency in a competitive landscape not only enhanced their direct sales but also significantly expanded their network through partnership opportunities.

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