Powering Nextmv's Reach with Targeted Research

Nextmv provides a DecisionOps platform that simplifies the work of optimization and AI teams.

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Summary of Campaign for Nextmv

The company offers tools for deployment, testing, CI/CD, collaboration, and managing decision models, enabling developers to craft scalable, custom decision services. Supported by notable investors like FirstMark Capital and YCombinator, Nextmv operates globally and is at the forefront of decision model innovation.

Our collaboration with Nextmv focused on a research-driven project aimed at expanding their market reach. Concentrating on logistics, retail, and delivery industries, we aimed to connect Nextmv with potential clients who could benefit from their innovative platform.

Determining the ideal customer profile was tough because Nextmv’s platform is used in many different industries. We had to balance researching a wide range of industries while staying focused. As the project progressed, we had to narrow our focus to specific market niches to stay relevant. Managing multiple research campaigns at once was also challenging.

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The project began with several planning sessions to align on the initial ICP and establish a clear research direction. These initial discussions were crucial for setting the stage for the comprehensive research phase that followed.

Our focus was on gathering detailed insights across the logistics, retail, and delivery sectors. This involved identifying a wide array of potential leads by exploring various job titles and roles, adjusting our approach as needed to ensure comprehensive coverage.

To address the challenge of the complex ICP and broad industry segmentation, we expanded our research criteria to include a wider range of job titles and occasionally shifted our industry focus. This flexibility allowed us to stay aligned with Nextmv’s strategic objectives and uncover valuable leads.

Driven Results for Nextmv by SalesNash

The outcome of this project was a robust database of potential leads, spanning multiple industries, titles, and company sizes. This extensive collection of data played a pivotal role in enhancing Nextmv’s outreach efforts and positioning them for further growth.

Our strategic research initiative for Nextmv demonstrates the importance of detailed industry analysis and adaptability in targeting potential clients. By thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and navigating the complexities of various market segments, we successfully expanded Nextmv’s reach and laid the groundwork for their continued success in the competitive DecisionOps space.


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