SalesNash Builds Outbound Outreach Channel for Privado Dining.

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About Privado Dining

Privado Dining, a SaaS company based in New York, approached SalesNash with the goal of setting up a pre-sales team to handle initial sales activities. Privado Dining aimed to penetrate the market, test various approaches, and establish a stable outbound outreach channel. SalesNash took on the challenge and worked closely with Privado Dining to achieve their objectives.

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Building Sales Team

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Privado Dining offers a comprehensive platform that enables restaurants and hospitality groups to efficiently manage event and catering inquiries. By leveraging Privado’s platform, event directors can streamline inquiries, manage bookings, plan event details, process payments, and coordinate staffing, all within a single system.


The primary challenge was reaching out to restaurants already using competitor software and convincing them that Privado Dining’s solution was superior in terms of functionality and cost-effectiveness.

The team faced the difficulty of filtering out restaurants that hadn’t implemented any event software, followed by determining which specific software each restaurant was using. Given the high adoption rate of competitor solutions among US restaurants, finding potential leads was a significant challenge.

With a limited market, SalesNash needed to develop an extensive outreach sequence to capture prospects’ attention. A multi-wave approach was implemented, spanning 6-8 touchpoints, including cold calling and LinkedIn outreach. The entire outreach process for each prospect lasted 30-40 days. thriving.​


Initial Product Demo

The project commenced with a product demo by Privado Dining, allowing SalesNash to gain a deeper understanding of the platform's features and benefits. Based on this feedback, the campaign strategies were developed.

Weekly Sync-ups

Regular sync-up meetings were scheduled to ensure ongoing collaboration and alignment between Privado Dining and SalesNash.

Segmented Outreach

Initially, outreach efforts targeted restaurants either using specific competitor software or not using any event software. This segmentation and approach led to the generation of nine appointments within the first month of cooperation.

Expanded Target Audience

Additional email sequences were developed to address two distinct target groups. One sequence focused on Owners, CEOs, and Co-founders, highlighting their challenges and how Privado Dining's solution could address them. The other sequence targeted Event Managers/Coordinators, Restaurant Directors, Administrators, and Sales Managers, emphasizing how Privado Dining's solution could streamline their work processes.

Market Expansion

While the primary focus remained on the US market, SalesNash also targeted the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. For restaurants using competitor software, additional information was included in the outreach messages, highlighting unique features offered by Privado Dining.

Driven Results

SalesNash’s partnership with Privado Dining proved successful in establishing a strong outbound outreach channel. By identifying quality leads, tailoring messaging, and employing a multi-wave approach with cold calling and LinkedIn touches, SalesNash effectively engaged the target audience. The results demonstrated the efficacy of the strategies implemented, allowing Privado Dining to expand its market reach and generate valuable appointments.

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