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Productive is an end-to-end project management software platform. It lets you get a strong grip on operations and profitability in a single tool.

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Productive aimed to increase the number of appointments and conversion rates to close more deals, or at least persuade a potential client to sign up for a free trial, which could eventually turn into a signed contract. Instead of assembling a separate outbound lead generation in-house team, Productive came to SalesNash to reach their goals faster.


Running campaigns for Productive, SalesNash’s team faced and successfully addressed a number of challenges listed below:

As the competition for a project management tool is really high on the market, our team did their best to implement relevant strategies and approaches to spark the interest of as many prospects as possible.

Proper segmentation is the key to a campaign’s success. Cooperating with Productive, we came up with the specific value proposition for each title.

The lead research team worked according to specific geographical requirements to ensure the prospects come from the countries the client aimed for. thriving.​


Onboarding Stage

Having discussed the ICP with the client, we focused on two campaigns at a time, i.e. targeting Digital Marketing agencies and Software Development agencies. All the details regarding geography, titles, segmentation approach, etc. were defined before the official project launch not to waste a day.

Later on, our team came up with an idea of a role segmentation. We carved out relevant messages for each target title. As a result, there were 4 different campaigns for project managers, operations, financial titles and executives. Each of these target groups would receive ~4 email touches and 2 LinkedIn touches with a specific value proposition.

Main stage

As soon as our Lead Generation team defined the necessary research parameters, the project started. The client provided feedback for the first few batches of leads, which helped us to adapt the criteria and improve the results with each new batch. At the same time, SalesNash team created the content for the campaigns. The moment the messages were approved by the client, our SDR team launched the outreach.

Any changes, adjustments and implementations were discussed with the client on the weekly meetings with our team. In the first month, we received around 40 responses, the third of which were positive. Despite the fact that July is considered a ‘slow’ period, we managed to set up 9 qualified appointments.

No time for a pause

After the success during the first month, we started to look for ways to reach even better results. In order to increase the number of qualified appointments we regularly synced up with the client and discussed the potential strategy and improvements internally. The project manager worked hand in hand with the content team to find the ideal wording for the templates and come up with the effective subject lines. As a result, during the second month (August), the team got around 100 responses and set up 13 meetings for the Productive team.

During the third month, the team followed the initial strategy. We focused on Software Development Agencies within two regions simultaneously: Europe and Australia. At the same time, it was decided to run the campaign for Marketing agencies located in those regions. This resulted in nearly 80 responses and 10 meetings for our client.

Driven Results

Despite the highly technical product and the competitive market, SalesNash’s managed to achieve the following:

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