SalesNash and Top Drawer Merch: Pioneering Diverse Sub-Niche Outreach in Merchandise.

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About Top Drawer Merch

Top Drawer Merch, a forward-thinking agency in Los Angeles, merges full-service merchandise expertise with the latest tech and web3 innovations. As a Shopify Plus Agency and Shopify Preferred Partner, they’re redefining Tokengated Commerce, offering partners unparalleled, white-glove services.

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Top Drawer Merch needed a smart plan to reach out to different small markets within the big world of merchandise. They were looking for a partner who knew how to handle various industries, from crypto and blockchain to streaming, music, and more. That’s where SalesNash stepped in, aiming to boost Top Drawer’s presence in the market.


We needed to connect with very specific groups, like streamers, in a smart and careful way. This demanded an unconventional and meticulous research approach.

Simultaneously running at least four campaigns, each targeting different niches, posed a challenge in finding the most receptive markets.

Identifying relevant players in the non-crypto Blockchain sector required a nuanced and dedicated research process.

Our messages had to be spot-on and constantly updated for each group we targeted.

There were so many different groups to reach out to, which meant we had to plan carefully and work closely with Top Drawer Merch.



The initial phase focused on the Food & Beverage and Alcohol sectors, which unexpectedly showed minimal engagement with our value proposition. The client's proactive involvement and openness to frequent communication via Slack were instrumental in reshaping our approach. A critical step was refining our messaging to capture the essence of the value proposition, ensuring better conversion rates.

Ongoing Project

Our target sectors included Crypto/Blockchain, Streamers (YouTube/Twitch), Music Labels & Festivals, and Cannabis. Initial attempts at segmentation by job titles proved less effective. So, we switched to focusing on the industry they worked in, creating unique campaigns for each one. This approach yielded more meaningful engagement across the board.

Addressing Challenges

To overcome these challenges, we employed a strategy that included leveraging specific industry expertise and using relevant client references to strengthen our outreach. An important part of our approach was what we call the 'referral approach'. Here's how it worked: in our messages, we'd ask something like, "Would you or [ReferralName] be interested in this?"

By mentioning a colleague's name, we made sure our messages were more likely to get a response and reached the right person who could see the real value in what we were offering. This approach was especially useful in industries where it's hard to find the right contact person. Our team implemented custom processes that enhanced the efficiency of our SDRs, allowing for simultaneous management of multiple campaigns. The research team's focused efforts in creating tailored lists and tracking relevant events played a crucial role in our targeted outreach.

Driven Results

Our dynamic approach to these challenges resulted in a significant impact. We achieved a rapid turnaround in strategy implementation, adapting quickly to the evolving needs of each industry. Open and direct communication with the client facilitated swift updates and strategic shifts.

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