Turning Leads into Deals: SalesNash Sets Up a Winning Appointment Setting Strategy for Virtido.

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About Virtido

Virtido is an innovative, Swiss-based software and business process outsourcing company. They provide end-to-end solutions, from strategic concepts to technical implementation, and offer cost-effective services through their own nearshoring platform.






Campaign type


Virtido aimed to establish an outbound outreach channel and required external sales support to achieve their goals. SalesNash joined the project and focused on conducting pre-sales activities, specifically appointment setting with C-level prospects from the software development industry.


The SalesNash team encountered several challenges while working towards their objective of generating a filled pipeline and appointment sources:

The team had to focus on specific roles and designations within the tech products vertical and target multiple niches simultaneously. This required managing numerous campaigns concurrently.

Virtido operated in a highly competitive market with several companies offering similar services. To stand out, SalesNash had to be creative in its outreach approach and carefully select the target segments.

The campaign had a narrow geographic focus, specifically the UK. This meant the team had to extract maximum value from available leads within the specified target area, focusing primarily on C-level titles. thriving.​


Focus on developing the Ideal Customer Profile

The project began by defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and identifying relevant use cases for the target audience. SalesNash's project manager held meetings with the Virtido team to understand their major directions and details before initiating the outreach. During this phase, the primary focus was on building a prospect database and creating preliminary outreach templates. Simultaneously, the technical team set up the required infrastructure, including an email account and a LinkedIn profile, to facilitate outreach activities.

Improving Engagement

The campaign started by targeting CTOs and then expanded into a new vertical within the tech industry. Despite the lack of presentations or videos initially, SalesNash's content team and project manager worked together to bridge this gap. Regular consultations with Virtido ensured data relevance and kept the outreach up-to-date. Outreach was also conducted using Jean-Luc Zehnder's LinkedIn profile to respond to prospects personally. Various activities were posted, and personalized messages were sent to increase engagement.

Final Stage

The next stage involved refining the existing outreach strategy based on campaign and response analysis. Role segmentation and personalization were emphasized, leading to response rate improvements of up to 40%. Weekly meetings between the Virtido and SalesNash teams facilitated discussions on future steps and potential changes.

Driven Results

Despite not focusing on high volumes of appointments and prioritizing quality, a significant portion of these appointments successfully converted into deals.

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In conclusion, SalesNash’s strategic approach, personalized outreach, and consistent collaboration with the Virtido team enabled the achievement of desired results in appointment setting for the software development outsourcing company.

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