SalesNash helps VOLA to build a pre-sales outbound outreach from scratch.

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About VOLA

VOLA connected health is a SaaS company located in Missouri, United States. VOLA platform offers software solutions to medical laboratories to streamline test ordering procedures, keep electronic records in place, and more.

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Building Sales Team

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VOLA wanted to build an outbound outreach channel, and they required an external sales team to hit this goal. To make it all happen, the SalesNash team joined the project and focused on conducting all the pre-sales activities. The main focus was to set up appointments with prospects from medical laboratories.


As soon as the clear objective was established, the SalesNash team had to work on its execution. In the process of reaching the goal of having a filled pipeline and appointment generation source, our team faced a string of challenges:

The VOLA team had dealt with the outbound outreach before working with SalesNash. Therefore, we had to categorize and outline all the use cases to launch the outbound efforts.

You have to stand out from your competitors, and be really creative while running the outreach and picking the right segmentation.

Since primarily the team focused on the labs, a raft of data points, including testing and lab types, had to be checked manually before they could be uploaded to the cadence.


Primary Phase

The project launch run-up began with defining the ICP and specifying the use cases for that target. SalesNash project manager conducted a couple of meetings with the VOLA team to pinpoint all the major directions and details before starting the outreach. Even though VOLA has a couple of solutions for different verticals, we decided to keep at laboratories outreach.

Main Phase

The main team efforts were dedicated to building the initial batch of prospects and composing the preliminary draft of templates. In the meantime, the technical team was configuring two main outreach funnels - an email account and a LinkedIn profile. After verifying the first materials, it was still important to spice up the content. Since the VOLA team did not have any presentations or videos to share with the prospects during the initial conversation - SalesNash content team and the project manager worked on filling this gap. This was a two-way street: our client consulted us regularly on the data relevance to keep it up-to-date.

When the general laboratories outreach was up and running, we considered the ramp-up period to be over. This is one of the most sophisticated stages, further majority of the updates were about the campaign adjustments.

Final Phase

The next stage was developing the backbone of the existing outreach. General campaign and response analysis helped to figure out new potential direction as well as the role segmentation. The gradual evolution brought up COVID testing, blood testing, pet testing, and allergy testing laboratories campaigns. These helped the team to make the message more specific and personalized, eventually increasing the response rates by up to 20%.

Driven Results

Throughout the project, the team successfully secured a stable number of qualified meetings each month and generated a significant number of leads for new partners.

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