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SalesNash helps Yodeck to build a channel sales funnel for the Europe market.

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About Yodeck

Yodeck is a digital signage platform that offers services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their solution allows users to easily navigate, monitor, and configure hundreds of screens while having a single steering wheel to manage everything in one place. It’s a cloud-based digital signage platform that helps you design, schedule and display content affordably & professionally from the web. Yodeck works not only with direct customers but also with partners – it is the key direction of the company.

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Building Sales Team

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Having an extensive team working in the US, Yodeck had a demand to set up a separate team focusing on the European market – that’s how the SalesNash team joined the project. The main focus of the new unit was to work on locating and reaching out to potential partners and then scheduling appointments with them to assist Yodeck in channeling its sales team into reaching its goals.


Before we jump into all the project details, it’s important to outline some main challenges SalesNash team faced:

The whole idea of the project is to define the right partner, thus reach out to them with appropriate messaging. This is more about expanding the company horizontally – we were looking for long-term business relationships, not for quick deals.

Since the SalesNash team has the whole European map pinpointed as the target, it is still important to do a precise vertical segmentation to get the most benefits. The rule is simple – the more verticals you have, the more narrow messaging and research should be.

When the desired verticals and companies are outlined, each of the directions has a couple of decision-making roles that might be responsible for the partnership cases. Yet, their titles vary depending on the industry, so you have to be really accurate with the research efforts – defining them is essential.

The European domain is quite broad in terms of languages. So in order to find good partners you have to message and research people in multiple languages.


Kicking Things Off

The project began with the target segmentation. This was the first step to creating a resonating campaign, followed by aligning both the content and lead generation parts. After a couple of meetings with the Yodeck team and initial strategy approval, the green light to start the AV Integration campaign was received.

High time to globalize

The SalesNash team worked with two funnels - email and LinkedIn channels. Firstly, the team focused on testing out a couple of email message sequences to figure out the most efficient approach for the selected campaign. The content structure was specified after several adjustments which resulted in 80% open rates and generated 3-4 appts per week. But the desired goals were still in the distance, especially with the LinkedIn funnel.

The SalesNash team kept experimenting with the targeting as well, and right after a month of cooperation, we decided to expand to some other verticals. The choice was around IT system integrators and marketing agencies since those types of companies have a lot of customers working with digital signage.

This was the time when the lead gen team had to level up and switch all the research efforts into manual mode. The reason for that was the potential partners had to utilize screens and monitors in some ways for their direct clients. That limited the number of companies we could reach out to for a particular industry in a region.

Expand the horizons

So for us to have the widest grasp possible - we decided to cover non-English speaking countries as well. It turned out to be a great idea and thus 3 main campaigns were focused on various verticals in dozens of countries at a time. Ultimately, being combined into one big outreach process, with various verticals. To maximize the efforts the cold calling campaign was added to the email-LinkedIn sequence in order to increase touch points.

Driven Results

Throughout the whole timeline of the project, SalesNash team managed to schedule 3-4 appts with pre-qualified partners per week on average. Reach and keep high campaign open rates and achieve strong response rates.

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