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What is

noCRM is a user-friendly lead management software designed to allow sales staff to focus on closing more deals, without wasting time on endless data entry. This tool puts leads at the center of the system, making it easy to manage them through every step of the sales process all the way to closing the deal. You can customize your sales pipeline to fit your sales process and plan every next action you need to take on leads so you don’t miss a single sales opportunity.

noCRM Features

The noCRM software has many key features that greatly simplify lead management and sales processes. With the ability to instantly generate leads from business cards, websites and emails, users save valuable time. The software also provides separate management of prospecting and sales processes, as well as the ability to import and export customer and lead data from spreadsheets.

One outstanding feature is the ability to customize the sales pipeline according to each user’s individual sales process. Important actions are always under control thanks to the next action function, and reminders synchronized with the calendar help avoid missing next steps.

The software also provides tools to optimize team management and collaboration, and the mobile apps for iOS and Android provide the ability to work on the go and even offline. Also of note is the app’s multilingual nature, making it available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and Vietnamese. In addition, the software can be easily integrated with thousands of other SaaS applications via API and Zapier, and sales performance can be tracked with visual statistics.

Data Protection

First of all, it is important to note that your data belongs to you and the company does not claim any rights regarding its use. It attaches great importance to the security and privacy of your data and complies with EU-GDPR standards.
The subscription price depends on the number of users, with each user defined as a separate person. It is not possible to connect two different people to the same account.

You have unlimited access to use links, comments and actions within the service’s purpose. A month, in the context of payment, is considered as 30 days and payments are made at the beginning of each period.
By subscribing to their service, you agree to receive updates of their products through their monthly newsletter, while you always have the option to easily reject it.

You have the right to cancel your account at any time, as well as export your data at your convenience. It’s worth noting that there are no refunds for the period you started, however, if you choose an annual subscription, you can switch to a monthly payment within 30 days of auto-renewal and be reimbursed the difference.


New users can use a 15-day free trial then upgrade to a plan. The pricing starts from €22 a month. 

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Equipped with industry-relevant experience, Sales Nash is able to set five appointments on average per week, meeting our expectations. The collaborative team leads weekly meetings to deliver updates and share their progress. The team's efficiency and professionalism are its highlights.

This engagement led to a significant increase in leads and contracts, exceeding our business goals. Sales Nash demonstrated a seamless workflow through regular meetings, reporting, and effective communication. Their strategy in providing quality results was impressive.

Hiring SalesNash was a great decision for us. They are handling a very time-consuming part of our sales process, which is allowing our sales reps to focus on contacting clients and closing the sales.