What is Lusha?

Lusha is a platform for business professionals to establish a fast and true connection with their leads, contacts, and candidates. The company was founded by Assaf Eisenstein and Yoni Tserruya in 2016 with the aim of creating the world’s largest crowdsourced data community for B2B salespeople. Lusha offers B2B salespeople of every company size accurate and accessible data through its simple, self-service products. With Lusha, sales professionals can identify, engage and close prospects, thanks to Lusha’s prospecting platform, web extension and API. Lusha’s community has expanded to over 670,000 sales professionals and 223,000 sales organizations including Zendesk, Google, Dropbox and Uber.

Lusha Features

Lusha on LinkedIn enables you to instantly reveal the contact and company information of specific prospects and accounts that you’re looking for. You can enrich your data with Lusha Extension on LinkedIn profiles pages and even bulk enrich multiple prospects in one go on LinkedIn’s people search and Sales Navigator. 

Lusha Extension enables you to continue your prospecting and contact enrichment beyond LinkedIn. With the Lusha on SF add-on, you can reveal and enrich all your potential opportunities on your Salesforce CRM without ever leaving the platform. The software allows you to have a seamless prospecting experience as you surf anywhere on the web looking for your next potential account. You can simply go to any company website and open Lusha Everywhere (part of Lusha Extension) to reveal key info including company and key decision maker data.

Data Protection

Lusha is ISO 27001 certified and CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned. Lusha processes personal data as a processor on behalf of their Licensees. All processing activities performed on this basis are framed in a lawful and secure way, pursuant to Lusha’s Data Processing Addendum. If you send them any request relating to such personal data, Lusha will promptly redirect the request to their relevant customer or Licensee. 


There are options to use a free version and get a free trial. Lusha offers three pricing plans:

  • Professional ($39/month/user);
  • Premium ($59/month/user);
  • Enterprise (scale).

Each plan offers a different number of credits and features, depending on your company’s needs.

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